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Ruth Leon …Pocket Review

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December 15, 2021

2.22 A Ghost Story – Gielgud Theatre
Piercing screams penetrate the theatre at intervals throughout 2.22: A Ghost Story. This is supposed to be scary but initially it’s unexpected, and subsequently just annoying. The hostess of this dinner party insists that her house has a ghost who appears at 2.22am every night and the houseguests, an old friend of the host and her working-class boyfriend, are keen to stay up to verify her claim.

Throughout this predictable rehash of all the ghost stories you’ve ever been bored by, and while impatiently waiting for the inevitable twist at the end, I was idly wondering whether any of these four actors had ever been on a stage before. Given that we were sitting in a West End theatre, at West End prices, that seemed an idiotic speculation. Not at all. A quick look at the online programme afterwards confirmed that they were all television actors without a theatre CV among them.

Cue another scream. The Gielgud is no place to be if you have a headache.

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