Placido Domingo kisses the floor at La Scala

Placido Domingo kisses the floor at La Scala


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2021

He’s so pleased to be on stage.


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  • Amos says:

    Hopefully no one was between him and the floor.

  • CurlyQ111 says:

    That’s because the floor can’t so no. Guess he’s being less picky about where he puts his lips…

  • John D’armes says:

    This is the traditional gesture of farewell to a beloved theatre when a singer with a long history there retires, or does not expect to return. Does he have any further engagements there?

  • Maestro says:

    Nuts. Time he retired.

  • gimel says:

    I hope it was with the consent of the floor.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    It must make a nice change from the unwilling girls!!

  • Nelly says:

    And the public is happy he is there and offers them a fantastic concert!

  • PianistW says:

    US-Americans comments focused only on the accusations on PD’s (supposed) past behaviour and saying nothing about one of the greatest performers 9f the 20th/21st century in 3, 2, 1…

  • Ms.Melody says:

    I guess every gesture Domingo makes, no matter how sincere is going to be met with hate and scorn. This reflects more on the commenters than on him. The Maestro triumphed on this stage many times, this gesture is lovely and entirely appropriate. I wish him well and so does his public who gave him this great ovation.

  • Elena says:

    Nasty comments. The concert was good, audience happy.
    It is the public to decide.

  • Michael P McGrath says:

    They’ll clap for anything, stand for anyone – it’s all part of the audience “experience” today.

  • guest says:

    As long as he sticks to recital concerts I don’t see any problem with him sticking to the stage, pun intended. Concerts are for fans. They are entitled to nostalgia, and he is entitled to their money, win-win. He won’t be in anyone’s way in a concert. He has my blessing for his drag act as a baritone, as long as he confines himself to recitals. Singing in opera performances is a different proposition, I don’t care for him to spoil performances when he should have retired fifteen years ago.

    • BRUCEB says:

      “I don’t care for him to spoil productions when he should have retired fifteen years ago.” There. Fixed that for you 😉

      • guest says:

        Nice try The PRODUCTIONS are already spoiled by the stage directions. As mystifying as it may look to you, I meant indeed PERFORMANCES.