Norway shuts opera for the year

Norway shuts opera for the year


norman lebrecht

December 14, 2021

Norske Opera & Ballett has just announced:

Due to the new rules for infection protection, we are unfortunately cancelling all shows, even the 31st December.

We are sending information to everyone who has bought a ticket as soon as we can, but we ask for understanding that this will take some time. The program after the New Year will be clarified later.


  • Gus says:

    Norway, Denmark and Finland are seeing their highest levels of C-19 cases despite very high uptake of “vaccines” and boosters.

    Breakthrough infections or the fact that the virus has moved on and the vaccinations are now with an obsolete antigen?

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      I hold little faith in vaccines; the re-booster periods are shortening all the time. And we’re all still subjected to endless tests, self-isolation and masks DESPITE vaccination.

      The cat has been belled on this.

      • Paul Brownsey says:

        To the tune of “I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier”:

        I’m a very special person.
        I don’t have to wear a mask.
        I cough and I sneeze
        Wherever I please
        And if some pleb dares ask
        “Why can’t you be arsed to wear one?”
        I shall make them this reply:
        I have no obligation
        to show consideration.
        I couldn’t give a bugger if you die.

      • Anthony Sayer says:

        And who cares about ‘cases’? No deaths or overrun hospitals to clutch our pearls about, so we talk about ‘cases’. Pathetic.

      • Hmus says:

        Those of you with ‘little faith in vacines’ who have the privelege of living in a world free of smallpox might do well to read about how close the world came to losing Mozart at 11 years old because his father was also anti-vax, although with far more excuse in that early era. You, two centuries later, have NO EXCUSE.

  • Nicholas Ennos says:

    A new barbarism has taken over and all real science is banned.