Korean wins German piano phone-in

Korean wins German piano phone-in


norman lebrecht

December 12, 2021

The Seoul pianist Hans H Suh was declared winner last night of the Deutsche Telekom Beethoven Competition.

Unusually, he was not a student of its controversial founder and jury chairman Pavel Gililov.

Suh, 31, is a student of Emanuel Ax and Matti Raekallio at Juilliard and Olivier Gardon and Arie Vardi, none of whom was on the jury.


  • Piano Lover says:

    Why so many piano competitions?It becomes boring.
    Looking for a first prize again.
    I stick to Richter:who got no prize at all.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    31 is ‘old’ for a competition prize-winner.

    • GGV says:

      If thisis the age when he is ready to take part in a competition, why not? Competitions usually set ridiculous age limits for participation. Age limits (in competitions, masterclasses, and other career development programs) are a form of discrimination (and illegal in the EU). I would love to see all age limits changed to “musicians, not yet in full time artistic careers, who graduated/finished their formal training within 10 years before the beginning of the competition” or something similar.

  • JB Vio says:

    No mention of the other prize winners? Tartakovski (2nd prize) was clearly the musician of the group, but loud and clear wins the day in competition finals, more often than not.
    The “hall” was packed, but a shame to hear them play with an amplified orchestra…

    • Barbara Rosen says:

      I agree that if the court found him innocent the judges should not consider alleged charges. The NY Post, not known for its integrity, published (your second link) “alleged” texts he sent this young student. They are sadistic and horribly abusive. What is the public to think? Either he wrote these texts or did not. If he did not, The NY Post must issue a public apology. Some clarification is needed.

  • Michael P McGrath says:

    Plus ca change, plus que c’est la meme chose. More of the boring same when it comes to these competitions.