Italian job for Juan Diego Florez

Italian job for Juan Diego Florez


norman lebrecht

December 01, 2021

The Peruvian tenor, 48, has been named artistic director of the Rossini Opera Festival at Pesaro.

He succeeds Sovrintendente Ernesto Palacio, a fellow-Peruvian who is also his manager.

Florez starts work on January 1.


  • Alexander says:

    I think he fits for the job completely

  • PS says:

    I’d buy a Tutto Rossini video collection. 39 operas. A large project, but certainly possible.

  • L Pontiride says:

    An active artist cannot take the post of Artistic Director. it constitutes a conflict of interest’ Now Palacio goes back to managing artists and through Flórez, assuring his artists get hired in Pesaro. Ramón Vargas became Artistic Director or Bellas Artes in Mexico City and rather than improve the artistic level of the company, his tenure is remembered as the most corrupt in the history of that opera company. while attending to his own commitments his agency (Zemsky) took over the casting of operas, he paid himself a million dollar stipend , hired his friends, abused local singers, vetoed many other, etc Not a good decision. Artists other than singing are not really qualified to operate in the real world.

    • HugoPreuss says:

      Right. Beverly Sills was a disaster in NY, so was Domingo in LA and DC, so was Fassbaender in several venues, so is Bartoli in Salzburg. Not to mention Britten and Pears and their festival. Not to mention the gazillion of other examples. All failures. It would never work… (snark off)

    • Ruby Yacht says:

      I disagree. I ran my own festival, performed the opening recital, and invited the most distinguished guest artists who indeed suited my tastes. An administrator could never have done as well. Charles Wadsworth ran the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center for years, and performed as well, even though he was not as gifted as the other pianists in the group, but he was appreciated and accepted by the audiences.

  • Kenny says:

    Palacio not only his manager, but his teacher. A brilliant tenor in his own right.

  • Cantantelirico says:

    Porca Miseria! Alberto Zedda is spinning in his grave.

  • Ruby Yacht says:

    We lived in the same small neighborhood for at least a year or more, and yet I never saw or met him. It kills me.