Germany says going out is only for the vaccinated

Germany says going out is only for the vaccinated


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2021

In what outgoing Chancellor Merkel calls an act of ‘national solidarity, only people who are vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid will be allowed into opera houses, concerthalls and other public places.

‘Given the situation, I think it is appropriate to adopt compulsory vaccination,’ she said, in what may be her last major policy statement.


  • Barry Guerrero says:

    Omichron variant might bring everything to halt again anyway. We shall see.

  • Gustavo says:

    She is just absolutely right.

    Not getting your free jab in a civilised society that actually developped one of the vaccines and indirectly blocking the health system (all Germans support finacially by law) is an act of utter ignorance and selfishness.

    I could only accept an anti-vaxer’s attitude if he or she were effectively donating the free opportunity to someone in greater need in a region with limited access to medical supplies.

    • Alban says:

      Tell that to the three dead people I know who all died from the vaccine. Still don’t know anyone who got sick from Cover. Stop watching television.

  • gimel says:

    The world has no place for the voluntarily unvaccinated.

    • Cynical Bystander says:

      “The world has no place for” ……. Seem to have seen this sort of view expressed elsewhere covering many groups who lived, or died, with its consequences!

      • Concertgoer says:

        Thank you. And people will be leaving Germany and Austria next year on account of government policy, assuming the courts don’t intervene, for the first time since the 1930s.

    • HugoPreuss says:

      Of course the world has a “place for the voluntarily unvaccinated”. And that place would be at their respective homes, but not at the opera or at any other place where they are a danger for themselves or for others. Simple as that.

      • Josef says:

        Discriminating against your fellow man for religious and medical reasons clearly goes against your concept of equality.

        That leaves YOUR group to pay their accustomed bills and care for them equally in an “inclusive” society. So you agree.

    • Maria says:

      They have to get vaccinated x 12 rputinely and malaria pills routinely when they go on theur extensive and expensive Safaris to Africa and India!

    • Sandra E. Levin says:

      You are projecting your hate onto innocent people as opposed to the roots of your fear being COMMUNIST CHINA where it originated.

      Get psychological help now!