BBC cancels Evensong due to Covid in the Minster

BBC cancels Evensong due to Covid in the Minster


norman lebrecht

December 20, 2021

BBC Radio has suspended tomorrow’s recording of a Choral Evensong at Croydon Minster after the music director Ronny Krippner and several choir members tested positive for Covid-19.

This was to have been Krippner’s farewell broadcast. He leaves in the New Year for Ripon Cathedral.

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  • Nijinsky says:

    I’m sorry about that too, for any cancelations (“concelations” if you’re from California). But I really want to apologize for my behavior on this site the past two weeks, because truly, it’s to be foretold something nice comes up, which did. My brother Stanislav, he started talking. Didn’t much at all, since the fall he had out of a window, and almost busted his skull. But he’s started talking: all he says is “no shit” but at least he’s talking now……

    I’m really sorry though, for my behavior.

  • Una says:

    What a business and an ending for Croydon.
    We’re getting him here in the Leeds Diocese at Ripon Cathedral.