Bayreuth says sorry, we’re late again

Bayreuth says sorry, we’re late again


norman lebrecht

December 22, 2021

Next summer’s programmes and ticket offers will not reach festival members beofre February at the earliest. ‘We ask for your understanding and a little patience,’ says Katharina Wagner.

The Wagner Societies are rumbling with discontent.




  • Alan says:

    Should get the Salzburg people in charge. I’ve my order in with them a couple of weeks now!

  • Monsoon says:

    I tried to reserve tickets pre-pandemic in 2019. It was a ridiculously convoluted process that left me feeling fine to skip attending the festival.

  • Paul Barte says:

    Couldn’t they at least announce a tentive schedule? So frustrating.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      Bayreuth has for years run a schedule consisting of:

      The „Ring“ (three cycles) + three repertoire operas, usually the most recent productions;


      Five non-„Ring“ operas, usually including one new production (no new productions the year after a new „Ring“ is introduced).

      An overdue new „Ring“ would be nice, but it requires a major commitment from performers and audiences (and you can’t buy tickets to the individual operas – only the whole damn show, requiring a week’s stay in Bayruth). If that happens in 2022, you could expect it to be accompanied by „Der fliegende Holländer“, „Tannhäuser“, and „Lohengrin“ (although the 2017 “Meistersinger” remains quite popular).

      Or we’d get „Holländer“, „Tannhäuser“, „Lohengrin“, „Meistersinger“ and either the 2016 „Parsifal“ or a new production, and „Tristan“ would be next in line for a new look.

      Or it could be a downsized mix-and-match affair with semi-staged shows and concerts, as in 2021. Restrictions on the size of audiences (and COVID safety measures) and travel (for singers/conductors as well as audience members) will determine what goes on at the festival, if it is allowed to proceed at all.