Turmoil at Sydney Symphony over CEO’s future

Turmoil at Sydney Symphony over CEO’s future


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2021

The Australian Financial Review reports serious divisions on the board of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra after two independent reviews into the performance of chief executive Emma Dunch.

One of the reports, by former London Philharmonic chief Tim Walker says the board ‘stepped away from the obvious action required to restore confidence in the organisation’.

Dunch was appointed in 2017.

Read the FR story here.




  • William Gross says:

    Links to paywalls are problematic, particularly for publications for a nation other than where I reside.

    • Angela says:

      Open an incognito tab in your browser. Google the exact FinReview title of the article using double quotes:
      “Why the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is paralysed by division”
      You should be able to click through from Google’s search results to read the complete article.

      • drummerman says:

        Thanks for this Google tip!

        Ms. Dunch’s on-line profile indicates that this is the first CEO position she has held with an orchestra. Previously she has done marketing and fundraising and ran her own consulting business in New York a number of years.

  • Rob says:

    Boycott Australia. They are treating Aborigines like criminals, like dirt. Disgusting.