Trifonov injures an elbow

Trifonov injures an elbow


norman lebrecht

November 09, 2021

The pianist Daniil Trifonov has cancelled this week’s Boston, Chicago and New York recitals ‘due to an elbow injury’.

We wish him a swift recovery.



  • Arthur says:

    He did a very nice job on LVB 2 with New Jersey S.O. instead of the planned Brahms 1, but perhaps he should have shut it down earlier. He did a gorgeous Bach encore even.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The suspicion is that he tried-out Stockhausen’s Klavierstück X (at 7:20):

  • Ian says:

    I wish Daniel a swift recovery, but can’t help thinking of the irony that the injury is reported in “Slipped Disc”.

  • Father Hidalgo says:

    This is absolutely devastating. Was so hyped to go see him in Chicago. Hopefully Trifonov recovers and returns in the near future! Can’t wait to see him fondle some ivory keys!

  • Barnard Applebee says:

    Sending my best wishes to my idol!

    I have been looking forward to seeing Trifonov perform in person for a long time now. I may follow him to Italy to catch his next performance. I will be skipping all of my classes and prior engagements.

    Man, does Trifonov make me happy! How music heals!

    Can’t wait to see those long fingers in action!

  • Phil Kimmel says:

    I, Philip Kimmel the III of Rye, New York, am greatly upset by this terrible news. I was planning to leave my estate and witness the greatness of Mr. Trifonov. Perhaps I will invite him to the mansion for a private show…

  • kuma says:

    Bummer. His Chicago Recital also cancelled this week. 🙁

  • nimitta says:

    DT’s Boston appearance has already been rescheduled for February 4th at Symphony Hall, featuring the same program…

  • kaa says:

    We were just told that his Carnegie Hall recital on the 17th was rescheduled for March 3rd

  • Shauna says:

    Daniil take good care. You are my absolutely favorite classical pianist and will miss your performance @ Carnegie next week. Do not rush a return. Your genius must be nurtured.

  • quasifaust says:

    Cincinnati Music Hall was on the recital itinerary as well. Look forward to catching the rescheduled date.