The toll rises as more musicians die of Covid-19

The toll rises as more musicians die of Covid-19


norman lebrecht

November 05, 2021

Here are the latest sad fatalities in a chronicle we have kept since March 2020:

403 Mezzo-soprano Julia Nixon, 63

404 Washington music professor Maria Roditeleva-Wibe, 58

405 US rapper and network comedian Ricarlo Flanagan, 40

406 Indiana blues musician Governor Davis

407 Bluegrass musician Phil Leadbetter, 59

408 KISS guitar technician Francis Stueber, 52,

409 Jasbir Singh Hayer of the UK’s Kray Twinz

410 Italian anti-vax musician Michele Serio, 67

411 Vaccinated Glasgow DJ Michael MacCrimmon

412 Leslie Caron’s ex-husband, Filmmaker Michael Laughlin, 82

413 NY Music venue owner Tony Falco, 65

414 Washington DC singer Johnny Artis, 63

415 International Ballet photographer Jerry Finley,

416 Broadway costumier Jennifer Robin Arnold

The previous toll can be found here.



  • ken says:

    Get your shots, folks !

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Trouble is, you have to keep getting them. We’re onto our third after Christmas, with 2 already just recently this year. I think some hope is on the horizon with that new pill being trialled in the USA.

  • Mythman says:

    wow u r a pos for writing anti-vax. The others had the vax, people are dying from the poison in the vax you fcuking kumquat.