Soloist is helped off stage in mid-concerto

Soloist is helped off stage in mid-concerto


norman lebrecht

November 05, 2021

We are hearing distressed reports from Stavanger in Norway where the Latvian violinist Baiba Skride had to be helped off stage after becoming unwell during her performance of the first Prokofiev violin concerto.

The concerto was abandoned and, after a break, conductor and orchestra returned to perform Tchaikovky’s Pathetique Symphony.

No further details are presently available.

Skride, 40, is one of three sisters on the international stage.

UPDATE: Message from the Stavanger Symphony:

Violinist Baiba Skride had to abruptly cancel tonight’s concert due to acute illness. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish Baiba a speedy recovery.
The evening ended with Tchaikovsky’s 6. th symphony, to a great response from the audience.



  • Dennis Pastrami says:

    This absolutely could not have been related to the vaccine.

    • BRUCEB says:

      WRONG. It absolutely 100% has to be related to the vaccine.

    • La plus belle voix says:

      How well do you know the artist Mr. Patrami? On a scale of one to five: 1) I heard her play once, 2) I am aware she has a career, 3) I think I know the name, 4) not quite sure who she is, or 5) never heard of her until today. Do tell. The world urgently needs to know.

    • Scudge Simpinn says:

      Take my downvote and begone, charlatan.

      I certainly would not be quick to point the blame towards the vaccine.

      These approved therapeutics keep us safe and get the musicians back to playing – art is the most important thing of all during these trying and terrifying times.

      • David A. Janello, PhD, CFA says:

        Athletes with heart attacks, just a coincidence?

        With close to 100% vaccine mandates in classical music, a knee jerk, zero information response blaming the vaccine is understandable. My personal preference is to wait for more information in this case.


      Thank you for that infantile comment. Try some roast beef instead.

    • BP says:

      I twisted my ankle today and I had the vaccine five months ago. Just thought people should know.

    • Bigfoot says:

      It’s likely she was exposed to a rancid Pastrami sandwich.

    • MC says:

      I am wondering…

    • K. M. Gorman says:

      How could you possibly know, one way or the other?!

    • Guest says:

      My thoughts exactly. Let the woke here unleash their woke fangs. Lol

    • Brian says:

      Funny how the anti-vaxxers spread their conspiracy theories on every corner of the Internet. But why they come to a classical music website is still a puzzle to me. Do they think they’re going to find some willing converts to their wacky ideas here? I’d think their time would be better spent elsewhere.

  • Gustavo says:


  • Guest says:

    Hope she’s okay! Heard her once in concert playing the Frank Martin VC and she was excellent.

    • Ingeborg Baumann says:

      She is excellent. Going to listen to her next week in Leipzig, if she is hopefully OK again. Any news?

      • Guest says:

        Dear Ingeborg – would be interesting hearing from you if she managed to perform in Leipzig this week – I think she is maybe fighting with nervs for the moment.

  • John Flegger says:

    Eric Clapton was out of commission 6 months due to a vaccine. Hope she fares better.

  • Derek H says:

    It is to be hoped that this is just a passing attack of sickness.

    Anyway, best wishes to Baiba for a very speedy recovery.

  • Robert Roy says:

    I do hope she’s fine. Any news about what’s wrong?

  • Ricardo says:

    The life of the international soloist is inhuman. Wishing Ms Skride a speedy recovery.

  • Maria says:

    Poor woman, how awful for her. Wish her a speedy recovery. It could be anything that caused it. Just hope it’s not serious.