Ruth Leon recommends…The Dante Project – Royal Ballet

Ruth Leon recommends…The Dante Project – Royal Ballet

Ruth Leon recommends

norman lebrecht

November 02, 2021

The Dante Project – Royal Ballet
Click here for tickets  : £16 + local taxes if you are outside the UK

29 October- 28 November 

The Dante Project is presented as part of the 700th anniversary celebrations of the poet’s death, Dante’s epic journey through the afterlife, The Divine Comedy, is realised in a major artistic collaboration between trailblazing forces of the contemporary arts scene.

In an inaugural co-production between the Paris Opera Ballet, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Wayne McGregor’s choreography and a virtuoso new score by composer-conductor Thomas Adès, this is a three-part work for the full Royal Ballet Company to illuminate the extraordinary vision of Dante.

On a related subject, I am of the opinion that the Royal Opera House hates us and really wants to discourage us from sharing what promises to be a wonderful performance. No, not really, of course not, but they do make it as difficult as possible. In order to watch one of their livestreams, such as The Dante Project, you must open an ROH Stream Account. Your existing Royal Opera House username and password will not be valid here. To make it even more of a faff, the ROH Stream Account must be separately purchased. Bear with it, you only have to do it once. When you’ve opened an ROH Stream Account, future access is automatic with the password you use to create the account.

Here’s how to do it. Browse the stream events ( and select the event you want to watch first, in this case The Dante Project. Click on that and then click to create a new account. Enter your payment details to buy access. When you have purchased a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include instructions on how to watch and also a link that leads directly to the event you have purchased. Voila! Well, sort of Voila.

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