Munich cancels all opera tickets for a month

Munich cancels all opera tickets for a month


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2021

Message from Bavarian State Opera:

Aufgrund einer Ankündigung der Bayerischen Staatsregierung zur Verschärfung der Corona-Maßnahmen vom 19.11.21 sehen wir uns gezwungen, alle gekauften Tickets von Veranstaltungen der Bayerischen Staatsoper ab 24.11. bis einschließlich 15.12.21 zu stornieren. Wir bedauern diese Entwicklung, auf die wir keinen Einfluss hatten, sehr. Kartenkäufer:innen müssen nichts weiter tun: die Tickets werden automatisch storniert und rückerstattet. Karten für Veranstaltungen bis zum 23.11.21 bleiben unter Beachtung der 2G-Regel (geimpft oder genesen) gültig.


Due to an announcement made by the Bavarian State Government on 19. November 21 regarding the tightening of the Corona measures, we are forced to cancel all tickets purchased for events at the Bayerische Staatsoper from 24. November to 15. December 2021 inclusive. We very much regret this development, over which we had no control. Ticket purchasers do not need to do anything further: the tickets will be automatically cancelled and refunded. Tickets for events up to 23 November remain valid, subject to the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered).

When a new regulation comes into force, which is currently expected in the middle of next week, the permissible number of visitors: inside for events at the National Theatre will have to be reduced to 525. The team at the Bayerische Staatsoper is working flat out to make it possible for you to attend a performance again as quickly as possible within the framework of the legal possibilities – then under 2G+ regulations.


  • Kristina Amft says:

    Leider sind alle verrückt geworden, kristina living in Canada, es tut mir leid für die Kunst, die wir alle lieben, für die Politiker keinen Sinn haben..meine Meinung

  • Somehow i feel the heavily government and corporate funded BStO will survive.


    THIS is so sad, frustrating and depressing since I have wanted to travel since I retired 2 years ago. When will this ever end? 🙁

  • Brian says:

    It’s sad to read that they are stopping living in order to try to control a virus that has failed to be controlled under any circumstances. Better to go on living.