Official: ENO reinstates dropped conductor

Official: ENO reinstates dropped conductor


norman lebrecht

November 19, 2021

We’re hearing that the veteran Wagnerian Anthony Negus has been re-engaged to conduct The Valkyrie on December 7, largely as a result of public pressure led by

Ticket holders today received this message from the box-office:

ENO is delighted to confirm that Anthony Negus will, as previously advertised, be conducting the performance of the Valkyrie on the 7th December after the resolution of unforeseen complications that arose last week. Everyone at the ENO looks forward to welcoming him to the London Coliseum pit.

This is a very sensible U-turn on the company’s part after many patrons tried to cancel their tickets. Negus, who has been training the cast, is a living link to the epic Reginald Goodall Ring of the 1970s.

The Valkyries opens tonight.

Watch this space for more.



  • Player says:

    If this is true… thank God! Justice prevails.

  • V.Lind says:

    Curioser and curioser.

  • Brian says:

    Phew – had booked tickets and flight from Switzerland specifically to attend this performance conducted by one of the greatest Wagnerian conductors of our generation.

  • Alan says:

    Excellent news! I have a ticket for 7th December and did not hear anything from ENO box office.

  • Brian says:

    Pretty sure its now definitely the case that Anthony will conduct so sense has prevailed and the ENO audience is in for a real treat.

  • V.Lind says:

    Pressure led by The Wagner Society threatened to demand refunds and generally kicked up merry hell. Slipped Disc reported the severance (unclearly), the Wagner Society response and the reconciliation. The only sentence resembling “pressure” I read in any of the blogposts was “ENO has done itself no favours by dropping him.”

    • Player says:

      All’s well that ends well. Slipped Disc did its bit to draw attention to this injustice. Though the exact nature of the original issue remains obscure. I heard ‘jealousy’, so it is not difficult to imagine where that may be coming from.

  • Stewart says:

    ENO (mis)management are scum. Time for a clean out.

  • Confused member says:

    What I can’t understand, as a member of the company – where the source material is from. At no point have we ever rehearsed with Anthony Negus and will be performing on the 7th with zero rehearsal time beforehand. Be sure to check your source material!

    • Player says:

      He’s been training and coaching the singers. One of the contractual quid elements was, he gets a performance. The green-eyed monster got in the way.

      • Player2.0 says:

        Almost every assistant conductor trains and coaches the singers. Load of rubbish that this keeps being positioned as an argument for why he should be given a performance when he hasn’t rehearsed with us.