Germany honours Arvo Pärt

Germany honours Arvo Pärt


norman lebrecht

November 15, 2021

The German ambassador to Estonia has presented the minimalist composer, 86, with the Federal Cross of Merit at his Arvo Pärt Center in Laulasmaa.

Pärt was a Soviet exile in 1980s West Berlin.

He once said: ‘The German language inspired me to compose several works. The contact with many German-language texts has definitely shaped both me and my music. I am deeply grateful for that.’


  • Pianofortissimo says:

    From the motivation: ‘Never in music history has anyone said so much with so few notes.’

  • Piano Lover says:

    “”Minimalist composer”” .
    Did he ever compose anything serious?
    I scrolled through his “works”
    Much ado about nothing!

  • Maria says:

    How lovely for him and so well deserved.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Well-deserved! Pärt is a great man. Even if he had only written Tabula Rasa and Fratres, he would still be a great man. The rest is a welcome bonus.

  • Frank Flambeau says:

    A wonderful, talented composer.