Diva to Vienna Opera: Exclude the unvaccinated

Diva to Vienna Opera: Exclude the unvaccinated


norman lebrecht

November 06, 2021

The annual Opera Ball is in the office, and the Latvian mezzo-soprano  Elina Garanča has strong views on it.

She tells the Austrian press:

‘Opera ball yes – but only for vaccinated people.

‘The people who have been vaccinated should be rewarded. The artists too. I am vaccinated and I have not grown horns or wings from the vaccination… Anyone who does not want to live in society and does not want to accept certain norms is then excluded’.


  • OperaLover says:

    Good on her!

    • Curvy Honk Glove says:

      I could not agree more! The unvaxxed are an existential threat to everyone everywhere. I would propose a three step answer to this problem: 1) make sure the public is aware of the threat these “people” pose through recurring public service announcements; 2) move those who won’t comply into their own communes so they can live amongst each other and not infect the rest of us; and 3) if they continue to remain a threat after that, then we use our extensive public transit system to relocate these trouble-makers so that their recalcitrant behaviour cannot affect the rest of us.

      • Sandra says:

        Sounds familiar( in a very bad way..)
        History repeats itself.

      • jansumi says:

        I hope your remark is meant to be specious..

      • Tamino says:

        You are wrong. Educate yourself. The virus is spread by the vaccinated just like by the unvaxxed. Some most recent studies suggest even equally. Vaccination is still advisable to protect oneself against severe symptoms or death.

      • La plus belle voix says:

        Fact check:

        Many recent studies have shown that in the case of a breakthrough infection amongst vaccinated persons, the Delta variant is able to replicate in the nasal membrane of these people to the same degree as if they were not vaccinated at all.

        Moreover, the virus that grows is just as infectious as that in unvaccinated people, meaning vaccinated people can transmit the virus and infect others.

        The real threat of the unvaccinated is, however, to the health system of each country. Patients in intensive care are much younger than those treated a year ago, and they remain in hospital for ca. three weeks not two, thus blocking beds.

        • Margaret S. says:


          What you’re saying is COVID-19 originating in Wuhan, China is a threat. The innocent public is not your enemy unless you have mental problems.

          You need to go to the source of a real problem in order to understand and solve it. That would be Wuhan. What is their progress? How are they addressing their problem?

          Stop blaming others (an entire planet of humans as you portend) for your personal problems and lack of respect for others! Your hysteria is not only unrealistic but highly offensive to others of all countries, religions and persuasions.

          You and the WHO have ever-changing sourceless data not to mention incomplete factual evidence. The desperate mainstream media proves this with conflicting breaking news pieces every 24 hours at times. The Fauci fraudster in the states changes his little edicts with the wind while his personal virology exploits in Wuhan have come to light. He was also heavily involved in the aids crisis. Just because a doctor proclaims something doesn’t mean it’s true and absolute. He’s been long paid off by big pharma if people like yourself would watch the numerous hearings he has been compelled to testify at. Different doctors come to different conclusions with the same patient all the time. Ever heard of getting a reasonable second opinion?

          You need to stop inciting unnecessary fear, stay quietly in your thought bubble and go find someone to help you get your brain straight. Everyone will die one day as the natural cycle of life dictates. Diseases and pandemics have come and GONE throughout history. You need to calm down, have some tea and call NHS to get yourself in order. Good luck dear!

      • Benjamin Freeling says:

        How utterly lacking in self-awareness and flatly mentally ill you are ‘Curvy Honk Glove’ if that’s truly you or a fellow leftist posting under your name as True North does frequently.

        You are weaponizing COVID to hate others just as your type did with AIDS inciting fascism. Only out of a virulent leftist would one wish illness and death upon another life.

        Your Final Solution comment of rounding up people and sending them by rail to death camps is incredulously akin to Hitler’s view of Jews.

        Fortunately the educated among us see right through your veneer. We are standing up for ourselves along with the defenseless you’ve abandoned.

        It’s good to have Norman giving you people a voice so it can be quickly extinguished for good.

      • Freiheit says:

        So much for holocaust education not to mention China’s virus being “a disease of the unvaccinated” per sick Psaki and her infected kin. The numerous people around her must be rounded up along with her and her family for hurting everyone around them by the left’s own narrow standards.

        How that happened to such a vulgar know-it-all is beyond her own rationale yet comforting to the rest of us not living in fear via indoctrination. She may not survive either just like any republican..

    • Andreas says:

      This is not good, this is separating and stupid. Brainwashed from the mainstream. I really love her singing, but sad she thinks she has to make these comments

      • Cy Lanced says:

        Sadly such misinformed derision against other human beings is not limited to opera divas or Austria as can be seen by some of the unfortunate comments here. Shredding one’s own humanity by inaccurately regarding other humans as a disease or a threat comes from the same kind of fear based propaganda that has manipulated one group of humans against another throughout history, and most recently in the late 30’s. History is going to judge this era harshly. Although our governments and agencies have aggressively pushed these shots, some who are cautious and concerned have taken a wait and see position. And while they wsit, what they see hasn’t been supporting the notion that they are either safe or effective. Those who don’t believe that aren’t reading the medical studies or seeing the research. But there is a very good reason thousands upon thousands of medical workers are walking away from their careers and financial support. They are seeing firsthand what is being covered up and not reported fully. As if the data on what IS being reported isn’t harrowing enough. Like most dangerous medical products that are approved and later pulled off the market, it may take years before safety systems grudgingly acknowledge mistakes were made. But many are already carrying this message, and among them are highly reputable physicians previously involved in safety studies for new medications. They knew 10 months ago that we had had a highly problematic shot. OT is tragic their warnings have been drowned out in a chorus of propaganda and the spiteful hatred of divas like this woman who would rather mistreat other humans than come to terms with the possibility that horrifying mistakes may have been made.

  • Bone says:

    I have a problem with folks that don’t conform to societal norms, but I believe it is a fascist notion to suggest that these people be excluded from activities.

    • Rob says:

      The problem with social norms is that they can potentially become the lockstep with totalitarianism, the ‘Gleichschaltung’

    • Anonymouns says:

      Yes. I live in a fascist country where people who don’t conform to speed limits are not allowed on the road and where people who don’t like to wear clothes or who like to carry open vials of poisonous gases are not allowed into public places.

      This is especially unfair to people whose unconventional personalities express themselves through a refusal to take vaccines because they are almost always consistent in refusing medical care. Almost to a person, they are brave and die in their homes without burdening the medical syste.

  • nimitta says:


  • May says:

    Fascism. Every single European country has a constitution with basic rights for citizens, under which every citizen has the right to decide what happens to their own body. Accept certain norms? No one must be forced to inject themselves with pharmaceutical products. Live in society? Since when does being forced to be injected with pharmaceutical products determine the right to live in society?
    Fascism. Fascism. Fascism. There is no other name for this mentality. When the citizens of the world collapse and surrender this basic right to govern their own bodies, there is no more hope for individual decision in this world. In placing total reliance on a pharmaceutical product, we have sold ourselves up the river. Having forfeited this basic right, we have opened ourselves up to future acts of tyranny. Read that last sentence again. Most of you will disagree with it. If you disagree with it, then ask yourself honestly, at what point in my life did I sacrifice my integrity? Just because you still listen to classical music does not mean for a minute that you still have retained your integrity.

    • MJA says:

      Selfish, selfish, selfish.

    • Patrick Gillot says:

      Enough of this kind of comments. Vaccines are properly made and controlled. If people don’t want to live in a society , they can exclude themselves as Ms Garanca properly mentioned. This has nothing to do with fascism

      • Shahan F. says:

        It’s China’s responsibility to pay for what they’ve done to the planet. The American left is clearly helpless and showing themselves as quite vulnerable.

        Segregation by the left is nothing new as they are fascists. Funny though they can’t afford or have access to basic needs by their own policies not to mention their enmity toward everyone that disagrees with them. Now they’ve purposefully blocked shipping cutting themselves off from goods. The ever growing group with every passing day exiting the left is fed up with their Brownshirt politics.

        The US needs a male leader again.

        Praise Allah!!

    • Lucy says:

      I totally agree with you May.

      This is one of the biggest scams in my lifetime. Where ordinary flu/pneumonia has been renamed to control billions of people and they’ve nearly got away with it. If anybody reading this, please think back to pre 2020. Pre 2020, there were zero reports in the news of people dying from flu/pneumonia and yet there were millions! It was silent, there was not talk about it.

      Ask yourself why that wasn’t being reported. All it takes is manipulation of the news, images, to tell somebody they have something new when infact its something that already exists. The test for the fake virus, is a test for ordinary flu, thats how they have got so many millions to test ‘positive’.

      So many billions of people have been hoodwinked. They did it with the religion – fairy story – to control billions of people and they’ve tried to do it with this.

      But as you can see, the manufactured pandemic has run out of steam, as all lies do, as they claim the vaccines that are full of shit – and people dying of blood clots, are solving their scam.

      Who really cares about the Vienna opera ball, but if you do, you can probably view it online, rather than catch somebody else’s flu.

      • Symphony musician says:

        everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But no-one is entitled to their own facts. You are factually incorrect. Covid-19 is a type of coronavirus, which is a different family of viruses than the influenza set. You emphatically made a false assertion. Therefore I trust literally nothing you say.

      • La plus belle voix says:

        Fact check:

        The lethality (mortality rate) of COVID-19 compared to most strains of influenza is thought to be substantially higher (possibly 10 times or more).

        Source: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-disease-2019-vs-the-flu

        You are welcome to your opinion Lucy. But we do not welcome fake facts.

        • Lamont says:

          You have no other sources than from the states????

          You’re entirely too circumspect and gullible.

          Try Saudi Arabia, Russia, South America, Europe, Israel, Africa…..CHINA reports instead of staying up your own bum!

    • CJ says:

      May, it is so ludicrous to use the word “Fascism” in this context, it is obvious that you don’t understand its meaning! In a fascist regime, you wouldn’t even be free of writing that on a blog!
      Fascism because the authorities try to put an end to a serious epidemy by the only and safe way, the vaccination? Come on!

      • Brian says:

        I guess you have not read about about the police in Canada and Australia showing up at people’s homes over posting on Facebook a comment as innocuous as a criticism of the handling of the Covid crisis. Fascism is indeed knocking on the door but you’re too self-righteous to realize it. What you don’t understand is that it will come for you, too.

        • CassP says:

          I live in Australia and what you’ve asserted is untrue. Post a link to a reputable news source if you want to stick by your story.

      • E. Silver says:

        Too bad you and the likes of ‘True North, V. Lind and Tiredofitall’ etc. can’t afford Norman’s segregationalist Membership ‘CJ’.

        At least you all prove white privilege doesn’t exist; unless of course you consider how Joe Biden got elected by your klan.

    • True North says:

      I suppose, from your comments, that you are enjoying the pandemic and wish for it to continue longer. Well, you may get your wish, anyhow.

    • Anonymouns says:

      No one has to take the vaccine. You just can’t go to concerts during an epidemic if you are too busy or more informed on immunology than the medical profession to take the vaccine.

      It’s for your own good that you are forced to stay home. If you are unvaccinated and go out in crowded spaces, you have an increased risk of catching the disease. Once infected, you will end up in the hands of the same malicious, profiteering, and incompetent medical establishment that tried to force the vaccine on you. If the medical establishment can poison and destroy your body through a vaccine just imagine the horrors they can inflict on you while you are unconscious on a ventilator and completely under their malelovent control. Think of all the medications and devices they will use in trying to treat you. Have you researched them all already and determined they are safer than the vaccine? Or will you ask them to remove you from the ventialtor while you access Facebook to research the relevant risks between gasps for breath?

    • Anonymouns says:

      You are not being forced to put the vaccine in his or her body. You just can’t go to a concert during an epidemic that is overwhelming the medical system if you have concluded that you are more informed about immunology than the medical establishment that created and endorsed the vaccine.

      It’s not only the considerate thing to do it is the best thing to do for your own survival. If you go into crowded spaces during an active epidemic you risk catching the disease and delivering yourself into the same, malicious, incompetent profiteering medical establishment that developed and endorsed the vaccine. If the harm they can do to you through a vaccine is scary, think of the horrors they can inflict on you while unconscious on a ventilator. Imagine the panoply of medication and device they employ on you during your treatment. Are you sure you have already researched all the possible treatments they will use and concluded they are definitely safer than the vaccine? Or will you ask to be taken temporarily off the ventilator so that you can access Facebook and research them between gasps of breath?

    • José Bergher says:

      Excellent comment.

  • guido says:

    Stupid Garanča!
    Of course she doesn’t know what Democracy and Freedom is.
    People should not go to her cold, perfect concerts.

    • CJ says:

      The best freedom is staying in good health and alive and allow other people to do the same, and this can only be obtained with generalized vaccination.
      My freedom is not being infected by selfish people who don’t want to be vaccinated and/or to wear a mask.
      My freedom is being able to attend a concert or an opera in a safe environment.

  • John kelly says:

    Well you can’t get into the Met unless you’re vaccinated so I don’t see why that should be any different.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      Should be the same policy in EVERY OTHER opera house and concert hall. Was happy to enjoy a wonderful performance of Meistersinger this afternoon at the Met exclusively surrounded of intelligent rational science-respecting people – sadly not the case with far too many of the commentators here.

  • Ross says:

    Anyone who does not want to live in society and does not want to accept certain norms is then excluded!

  • Rosa Parks says:

    Agreed, anyone who does not want to live in society and does not want to accept certain norms is then excluded.

  • Sam says:

    Yes! Unvaccinated can sit at home and watch TV, just like we all had to during lockdowns.

    Get the vaccines, if not for yourself than those around you.

    • Billy says:

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense. How would it be “for those around you”? The vaccines do not prevent transmission…

      Plus, the whole point of getting vaccinated is to protect yourself. As in, the vaccinated person would be protected from the unvaccinated person. So your logic is totally backwards.

  • Althea T-H says:

    Surely many people remain unvaccinated owing to pre-existing health conditions – such as myocarditis, for example?

    That’s why non-pharmaceutical interventions (masks & ventilation) remain important. One size clearly does not fit all.

    Question: Is a vaccinated person with an open mouth any less likely to spread Covid than unvaccinated person wearing a tight-fitting mask?

    Answers on a lateral flow kit, please…

  • DG says:

    Well said, Elina. Let the unvaccinated stick to opera on YouTube until this pandemic is behind us.

  • Rob says:

    They can shove their opera ball up their ass along with their boosters and ordinary flu/pneumonia made to look like a new virus scam.

  • Nijinsky says:

    I haven’t been really touched upon “social norms” by the way. But since I already sound like Edina Monsoon (who for some crazy reason I think created her as a character and played her wrote the Figaro plays you also find in opera, but that’s already non linear time…

    Just the very concept of buttons, or flipping a switch, which is how anyone reads this further. And the beliefs that go behind that whether it’s what people say, or the ability to have an opinion. How much is simply prefabricated?

    “certain social norms.”

    Just to go into the buttons and switches, rather than even what societal norms are “shared” with them.

    It’s inherent in the very machinery, if you don’t know better, or care to….

    Were it not for “electricity” this wouldn’t be occurring, and yet society has these beliefs about it, and what makes it possible, although even that in “the beginning” was something different.

    The very people who “discovered” it (electricity) found a whole potential there that’s still not acknowledged on this planet, although it was then already known, before global warming and the oil companies had their hegemony.

    Electrons are a wave pattern also, that’s called electromagnetism, which like photons move at a speed where time stops, or at the speed of light. And the double slit experiment proves they have the nature, the characteristics, the ______ of wave patterns, meaning that they undulate, by how can they be doing this when time has “stopped” if they aren’t also part of another dimension where time isn’t linear? How does something undulate to create a wave pattern when it’s moving so fast time has stopped. Time rather than being linear would maybe have to be at least two dimensional, if not more, because it’s the non scalar resonance that has the amazing potential, and that [resonance] opens up any time one “produces” electricity, because of it’s source, which is beyond time. And you can get resonance from that other dimension, resonance of non scalar sympathetic waves to power the very machine that “social norms” would say can’t be powering itself by the very thing it’s producing, and then keep going. But such machines have been created, Tesla knew about it, many others; but many of those people were killed to prevent such knowledge from shutting down the power companies, aided by “social norms,” and the degree “normal” people simply dismiss it as not being possible.

    And that’s simple science as in the earth is round or not, which people didn’t believe it was because of “social” norms. Where are you if you’d go faster than time (if there’s a speed at which time “stops”), also, faster than the very fabric of wave patterns that hold the physical together? When you move faster than sound it catches up with you, afterwards, what’s left of it that hasn’t dissipated anyhow. But if you’ve gone faster than physical matter, I don’t think it’s going to catch up with you, you’ve entered a whole other nitch (as nitches go in other areas also, for example when Maxwell saw that the magnetic force constant, and electrical force constant when put in the same equation can deduce the speed of light, which it did before it was measured), and other nitches as in the beginning of Quantum physics and the Ultra-Violet catastrophe, that there are different levels, which Quantum Physics supposedly explains, but doesn’t really, only that there are different nitches, different packets, different groupings of energy, different “communities” but doesn’t explain what happens when unlimited potential is reached, which HAS TO still exist because life would have no meaning otherwise, and time wouldn’t be teaching us anything about creativity or creation; as if understanding doesn’t come insight, and the truth only is there when you get it the first time, not that it will variate and repeat because there is understanding that manifests, which is what’s going on. As if the truth if for an elitist few that get it the first time…..

    Now that I’m completely off “topic,” trying to say something about what the simple concept “social norms” leads to, I’m not: because up above is also simply an example of pushing to the side anyone who isn’t with it in accepting the norm that pushes to the side problems that aren’t being attended to that deserved attention way before, or also truths that are suppressed because it would simply take a bit of explanation. If people can believe such bizarre stuff that sacrificing a virgin or an animal will bring favor with the Gods, then they could instead entertain what seems implausible, and for example have been allowed to prevent global warming, and if you don’t believe that all of the pollution that results.

    There is SO MUCH that’s not accepted. A healer I ran into, after being too confused by spiritualism to understand what spirit was and knew I needed to go further: he as a child had seizures, wasn’t allowed to go to church, but he did anyhow, and came upon an old rag woman who asked him for some money, grabbing anything he had to give to her from his pocket, she took his hand and told him he would be traveling the world teaching people about Jesus. When he turned back, she had disappeared, but he then healed with her help, and his uncle already a healer took him under his wing to find in their travels that texts they had learned from a completely different culture were the same as from the 13th tribe of Israel, which is Ephraim. I could go into the impossible things he and others like him have been a conduit for things the “medical” profession has difficulty with, extreme difficulty, but that’s redundant. If time isn’t linear, and there is any meaning to life, who is to say that its path can’t be redirected to where healing is, or fresh air, world peace for that matter; but I think you have to let go of fear enough to not make time go round in vicious cycles looking for an answer in what causes the problem such as needing to dehumanize people to hurt others as a control tactic, or needing weaponry to intimidate and control others…… or simply that what works is good enough, despite its lack of “varnish,” or getting points or money from “social norms.”

  • Harry Dahlsjo says:


  • Mark Zuckerberg says:

    Good one Elina
    Except vaccinated people die from covid too, vaccinated people can still carry, infect and get infected themselves. The “vaccine” does not give you immunity against covid.
    But again, this is some usual government ass-licking and virtue signalling to earn “good girl points” from the sheep society

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Many people believe that the Covid vaccine is a panacea, a magic bullet. It protects YOU, minimizing your chance of hospitalization or death.

      Yes, you can still contract and carry the virus and pass it on. That is why masking and distancing are still recommended.

      Think, GDI.

  • Marg says:

    Yep, got my vote.

  • Tamino says:

    Well, regarding the science of epidemiology, with this virus, it is nonsense what she says.
    Apparently – and we are learning that these days – vaccinated people spread the virus just as unvaccinated people do.
    The protection of the vaccine is for the vaccinated themselves: less risk of severe consequences.

    In light of these circumstances, vaccination is about freedom of choice to protect yourself in a setting like the opera ball. (where no particular risk groups are present)

    If you want to prevent spreading, ONLY testing – everyone, vaccinated or not – makes sense.

    Countries like Denmark have the right strategy. Everyone at risk – particularly the age group above 50 – had the chance to be vaccinated. 95% are. Then open society and let the virus run through and achieve herd immunity eventually.

  • Alexander says:

    sometimes that swine flu vac can help to grow something else , bird’s brain for instance … at the same time she sings quite lovely to my ears …
    PS … a silent star counted wise 😉

  • Just right to express her strong views…BRAVO, Ms. Garanca.

  • lina says:

    excellent opinion matches her excellent voice.

  • Nurhan Arman says:

    Not strong views, just basic science, alphabetical. Brava!

    • Billy says:

      How is this basic science? The vaccines do not even prevent transmission. Aren’t the vaccinated protected from the unvaccinated, anyways?

  • Tamino says:

    So many quite radical opinions in this thread, and most not based on current science and data.
    Worrysome. Where does this new fascist urge in the masses come from. Fear?

    • Patrick Gillot says:

      Enough of the activax nonsense. They help the virus continue its rampage. Fascism is on the side of the unvaccinated , enough now!

      • Tamino says:

        Patrick, I’m not antivaxx at all. I am fully vaccinated myself. But enough with uninformed science defying comments like yours.

        If the current(!) data shows, that vaccination does NOT stop the spreading, then anyone blessed with a basic device of critical thinking can understand what that means.
        You can too. Try harder.

        • Ragnar Danneskjoeld kjoeld says:

          Your statement is not entirely accurate. While it is true that vaccination won’t stop the spreading of the virus entirely, it does reduce the risk of spreading it (https://www.rki.de/SharedDocs/FAQ/COVID-Impfen/FAQ_Transmission.html). So why don’t you try thinking harder just this once?

          • Tamino says:

            wait a second, from your cited German government agency RKI (not an independent entity by any means)
            “In welchem Maß die Impfung die Übertragung des Virus reduziert, kann derzeit nicht genau quantifiziert werden.”
            In other words. They don’t know. Recent studies say virus peak loads found in infected vaccinated were equally high than in unvaccinated.

        • Tamino says:

          The use of a dislike button as answer to undeniable facts is proof that most people do not seek truth, they seek convenient answers embedded in the fear-reducing majority of the mainstream.
          ‘Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?”

    • Alexander Graham Cracker says:

      Tamino: You are my new favorite Slippedisc commenter. Please keep posting.

  • Patrick Gillot says:


  • dd says:

    deal breaker for some of us…
    ‘The 4th Covid Shot: Could Vaccine Failure Be Any More Obvious? –
    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in updated guidelines Tuesday
    that some immunocompromised people who have received either Pfizer or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get a fourth shot,” we read in a recent Axios report.

    This bit of information is all that one needs to see what the complete failure and fraud these vaccines have been.

    Just ask yourself this:
    Why is there a need for the fourth shot?..’
    lewrockwell.com /2021/11/vasko-kohlmayer/the-4th-covid-shot-could-vaccine-failure-by-any-more-obvious/

    • Bill says:

      People with weak immune systems often have a weaker response to vaccination. The shot does not magically supply one with a lifetime supply of neutralizing antibodies, but rather supplies a temporary stimulus to provoke the body into producing them. A weakened or defective immune system does not produce enough of the antibodies to provide lasting protection, and this issue is NOT limited to the covid-19 vaccines in use. Furthermore, while people with various diseases such as cancer may have significantly weakened immune systems, the body’s immune response generally declines with advancing age, so the elderly in general produce less of a response to vaccination (again, this is true of non-covid-19 vaccines as well) than their bodies did when younger. They generally can’t run as far, lift as much weight, etc. either, so why is it a great surprise that the immune response declines with advancing age?

    • José Bergher says:

      Very good article by Vasco Kohlmayer.

  • ken says:

    Get your shots, folks !

  • Mario Marzipan says:

    I wish this fine talent the best of luck with her upcoming cytokine storm issues and antibody-dependent enhancement, keep up the good work Mr. Garanca!

  • Rick Lightburm says:


  • jansumi says:

    Unvaccinated people are making a painful choice for a variety of reasons, not all mindless protest. Those are at extreme risk & protect themselves in every other way possible. Masks, distancing etc should still should be required for everyone & suffice.

  • Accepting fully what Mrs Garança says, we should all decide to let people in concerts: only the ones that have been vaccinated …twice, thou the third dose is already a new mark, established no long ago, in order to win the battle with the convivial and resistant virus! and… I must say, very recently we all learned that a fourth dose will be needed in order to be done with procedures started on March 2020. According to math standards, time variability on one side -and increasing number of doses, as time goes by, on the other one- will probably be the variable, ever-changing issue. Therefore, all due respect to her, she will need to slightly change her assertion -if she pays attention to the number needed- according to the then (sometime in the future) current definition of ‘fully vaccinated’. For the ones who are mathematically trained, this is still an enigma. Best

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    There’s a statement designed to appeal to brainwashed virtue-signallers everywhere.

  • inaustria says:

    It is important to remember that Garanca is (at least as far as I understood) talking about the Opernball and not an operatic performance. There are 1700 seats and 560 “Stehplätze” in the Staatsoper: the audience arrives and leaves several hours later in an orderly manner. By contrast, the Opernball is attended by twice that number of people, plus caterers, musicians, security, etc. You thus have more than 5000 people crammed into one building for many hours, yelling to be heard over loud music.
    In my opinion, anyone who attends a function like this during a pandemic is asking for trouble, whether or not they are vaccinated, especially considering that we now have more positive cases per day than at any time since this whole thing started.

  • Tom Phillips says:

    Glad to see she is so enlightened on this point – unlike other East European performers. And no doubt also aiming her remarks at the remarkably imbecilic Vienna stalwart Gunther Groissbock.

  • Janet says:

    If the jab works then why do I have to have one if you are protected? Any jab I have had in the past has been for my safety and my safety only. Nothing to do with protecting anyone else. That is their business, not mine.
    If the jab doesn’t work why do I have to have it?
    Be inquisitive, open your eyes and do your research before anyone demands you put something into your body that has NO LONG TERM SAFETY DATA.
    A booster jab after 2 jabs already? My conscience tells me to question that. The revelations are alarming and time will tell.
    We are being led to believe that our immune systems are totally useless without the intervention of billion dollar drug companies and governments.

  • Una says:

    Exactly! Those of us who bothered to get triple vaccinated by now, should have some benefit for doing so.

  • Saxon Pierce says:

    There’s the old Soviet-thinking in her sneaking out!

    I AM fully vaccinated, and am fully supportive of the idea of doing Covid vaccines to the list of required vaccines for certain professions, school etc.

    What I’m against are these attitudes and mandates around being COVID vaccinated being more special than others. I’m all for outrage, just be consistent.

    I’d be more worried going into a restaurant for example that the staff has HEP A than COVID. So if we’re going to mandate and check for vaccines; then it has to be all-inclusive and bi-lateral. If I’m going to have my vaccine status checked, I want to know the cook is HEP A negative too then.