Chopin winner claims a second Polish trophy

Chopin winner claims a second Polish trophy


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2021

The Canadian Bruce Liu, winner of the Chopin Competition, found himself challenged in Poznan by the local go-karting champion, Kacper Nadolski.

It was a gauntlet he could not ignore.

Liu took on Poznan’s finest in an eight-minute time test – and won.

He then went off to play Chopin with the Poznan Philharmonic.


  • Affreux Jojo says:

    The chopin is seriously munching at the honens trademark about finding the “complete artist”…lol

  • JoshY says:

    Read a few articles on this, don’t think he actually won the race against the pro racer, though it is not framed as a challenge in the beginning. Poles seem to like him a lot. Good marketing for both sides, as long as he insured both his hands before doing this kind of stuff.

    • Orchestral Musician says:

      The race was with indoor E1 electric karts. They are fun to race, but slow enough and easy enough to drive to be very safe for hands. Kacper Nadolski also races super fast shifter karts, which require a great deal of skill. It looks like they enjoyed themselves, and it was a good promotional event!

      • JoshY says:

        I hope next time they managed to arrange an indoor pool for him to swim in instead of a racing track, but I concede it is a brilliant promotional idea and it actually matches his style well. I mostly fear for his safety as I am a fan, especially considering he hasn’t planned any visit to my country in near future.

  • Barnum says:

    And so it starts: the promotion game.

  • R. Alejandra O'Farrill says:

    Bruce Liu is an exceptional person! One in many millions! Congrats to him and his family! Because this is a little more than genes! My congratulations also for the Chopin Concourse tribunal! They made a really good job!

  • R. Alejandra O'Farrill says:

    Bruce is really a winner. My congratulations to his family, teachers and his truly talent! He is more than a pianist, he is an exceptional person! My congratulations also to this Chopin International Concourse tribunal, they had a very difficult task, and made it honorable and elegant!

  • margaret koscielny says:

    He sounds like a normal, happy dispositioned young man who enjoys life and a fullness of experience, instead of spending all his time grinding at the piano unnecessarily. In other words, balanced. And, the result is beautiful music-making and a happy countenance. Bravo!

  • Rmp says:

    Seriously, would anyone doubt the swift dexterity of Liu’s hands or the agility of his mind???
    Bruce calls his vocation as a pianist a “hobby” only because he does not exhale original music like Chopin could! (And who on earth ever could…)
    However, anyone who can manage Chopin’s creations can certainly wrangle a go-kart..(and, no disrespect to go-karters but please!)’s.genius.or.his.dedicated.concentration.