How much for Bocelli to sing a national anthem?

How much for Bocelli to sing a national anthem?


norman lebrecht

November 18, 2021

La stampa reports that the tennis authorities wanted Andrea Bocelli to sing the Italian anthem at the ATP finals.

His fee, however, was right out of court – 125,000 Euros for the Italian anthem and one extra song.

They should hire this lady instead.



  • V. Lind says:

    Hope they get Carla for the next Ryder Cup. (It’s in Italy, folks). There’s someone who can nicely reflect the European team but who can also crack the American.

  • D says:

    Why should that come as a surprise? Artists get paid whatever the market will bear. That sum is really not much, considering what “popular” artists command for such appearances.

    Also, there is a story from Herbert Breslin’s memoirs of the time Pavarotti was asked to record a cameo as the Italian Singer in DER ROSENKAVALIER; as a way of turning it down, Breslin quoted Pavarotti’s full fee for a leading role. The label wanted him, so they paid it.

  • HugoPreuss says:

    That is about the amount of money you’d have to give me if you wanted me to attend a Bocelli concert. Or, cheaper, a gun to my head. Fortunately, neither has happened or is likely to happen…

  • IP says:

    Imagine how much he would charge to not sing.