Beyoncé manager will head American Ballet Theatre

Beyoncé manager will head American Ballet Theatre


norman lebrecht

November 23, 2021

The general manager of Beyoncé’s media and management company is to become CEO of American Ballet Theatre in January.

Janet Rollé, 59, is general manager of Parkwood Entertainment, which looks after Beyonce’s public affairs. Before that, she was a VP at CNN, in charge of 110 staff.

She said today: ‘When my dear Mom, an immigrant from Jamaica, took me to my first dance class at the age of eight at the YMCA in Mount Vernon, New York, she set me on the path that would provide the foundation of my career. Through dance, I learned how to be a professional, the value of discipline and technique, and my love for the creative process. These lessons have always been at the core of my professional life and work. It is therefore a singular privilege to be entrusted by the Board to preserve and extend the legacy of American Ballet Theatre, and to ensure its future prosperity, cultural impact, and relevance. To come full circle and be in a position to give back to the art that has given me so much is a source of unbridled and immense joy.’


  • Bet says:

    The fomer head of Sony runs the Met.

  • Gary Freer says:

    If she likes it, she should put a Ring on at it

  • Derek Deane says:

    Well let’s hope that Janet Rollè can actually get ABT on to a financially secure level so that it doesn’t have to continue to beg, steal or borrow to just simply survive….It’s a disgrace that Americas leading classical ballet company does not have the income and support to enable its artistic director to fulfill its dancers dreams… Wake up,,,, and support…….

    • Joe says:

      It is not the leading classical ballet company in the USA, that would be NYC Ballet. ABT has always been an also ran company.

  • TruthSeeker says:

    Could Ms. Rollé’s decision have anything to do with the fact that Beyoncé has been listed as one in a list of codefendants in the Epstein-Maxwell trial?

    • V.Lind says:

      Unlikely. This was filed over a year ago, and the lady is head of the company that does Beyoncé’s PR, which presumably does so for many other clients. It does not imply a personal relationship with this defendant.

  • Michael P McGrath says:

    Hey, why not. Sounds like someone got hired for their alleged ‘commercial’ track record. After all, anyone who can make Beyoncé bound through the charts can make Swans jump.

    However, as we know from the Met’s recent foray into the Gelb universe, that ain’t enough to power an art form that remains a fragile amalgam of commercial and … dare I say it??? “CULTURAL” expertise.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    I look forward to seeing the American Ballet Theatre twerking.