Two Americans make it into the Vienna Philharmonic academy

Two Americans make it into the Vienna Philharmonic academy


norman lebrecht

October 01, 2021

The Vienna Phil has rolled out its second year-long academy, designed to train young musicians aged 18 to 27 in the orchestra’s way of playing… with a view possibly to being considered as a future player.

Here is a list of the new group of academy students:

Violin: Lucas Takeshi Stratmann – USA (pictured)

Violin: Robert Amadeo Sanders – USA

Violin: Sandra Seržāne – Latvia

Viola: Jannis Hoesch – Germany

Violoncello: Bence Temesvári – Hungary

Double bass: Carlos Aguilar Vargas – Chile

Flute: Theresia Prinz – Austria

Oboe: Katharina Kratochwil – Austria

Clarinet: Petra Liedauer – Austria

Bassoon: Traian-Petroniu Sturza – Romania

Horn: Thomas Johannes Steinwender – Austria

Trombone: Alberto Bonillo Losa – Spain

Trumpet: Bernhard Bittermann – Austria


  • Excluding Chile from America. So bloody “American”

    • Don Ciccio says:

      So, according to your logic, andti-americanism is anti the whole continent, not just the US, correct?

      Never mind…

    • Gerry Feinsteen says:

      NEWSFLASH “American is not a continent’

      It’s rather simple to understand: With the exception of the United States of America, no other country (including Chile) includes America in its name.

      American food/American English/American culture/American cities/American automobiles/American Airlines/American companies/American sports/American……football/American president/American television/American brands, etc

      List could go on…no need to let us know when you get the gist; these days it’s fashionable to be offended on behalf of someone else.

      • Jim Rickson says:

        In South America (and maybe in Mexico) North America, South America and Central America are considered one continent. In the USA, they are considered two continents. Plus Central America, which is in no man’s land. It is a matter of perception, since the land mass doesn’t change because of what different countries name it.

  • Don Antonio says:

    Take the pressure off of these kids and leave them alone to study and learn. Why this attention? Admittedly, the Academy system is a wonderful stepping stone to a top-level position, which in other countries is completely lacking.

  • Kyle A Wiedmeyer says:

    A few years ago the Phil an American trombonist, Jeremy Wilson, but he left because the job (which included playing for the Staatsoper) simpy entailed too much and he got a teaching job at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.