Tragic news: London composer dies of brain bleed after receiving Covid jab

Tragic news: London composer dies of brain bleed after receiving Covid jab


norman lebrecht

October 01, 2021

We have received shocking news that the composer Matt Dibble died of a brain haemorrhage after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine in May, an extremely rare side effect. Matt was 40 years old and was working on 24 Preludes and Fugues, inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Friends and family have put up a crowdfunder site to help bring his last work to publication. They say:

Matt Dibble died in May, 2021, aged 40, from a cerebral hemorrhage, shortly after receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccine. 

His death was an unjust and devastating tragedy for his loving family. He was one of four close brothers, and an adored uncle to three girls and three boys. To them, as well as his friends and fellow musicians, he was an individual of uncommon kindness, who was relentlessly considerate to everyone he knew, despite the well-known struggles of a life dedicated to music. He was also a musician of extraordinary depth, breadth, and talent. 

Matt was working with many of us on a number of projects, some of which are now bearing fruit. But few of us knew about a secret and deeply personal undertaking, on which he’d slaved away for six straight years, remarkably finishing just weeks before he passed. It meant so much to him that, when he first went to hospital, he told those with him where the compositions could be found, should anything happen.

Together with Matt’s family, we retrieved the compositions and discovered them to be an exceptional work of classical piano music: 24 beautiful Preludes and Fugues that demonstrated astonishing courage and passion. It’s a work that could only be done justice by a world-class pianist. We owed it to Matt to try and make that happen. To that end we managed to get the collection to top concert pianist and classical recording artist, Freddy Kempf. 


Please help if you can. They need to raise £16,000.

Donate here.



  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Awful news, but sadly not uncommon. Poor bloke probably didn’t even need the damned jab. These ‘vaccines’ are causing an abnormal amount of deaths but our dear MSM keeps it all under wraps. For our own good, of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you consider “not uncommon”? Even if this death is ever proved to be linked to the vaccination, it would join the vanishingly small number of cases of adverse side effects to the vaccines. Meanwhile thousands upon thousands of unvaccinated people are dying.

    • Brettermeier says:

      “Awful news, but sadly not uncommon.”

      Nope, that’s just your untrained and distorted perception playing tricks on you.*

      SD doesn’t report about the millions of people who didn’t die. That’s not news. That’s common.

      But here you go:

      “Breaking: (Insert name(s) here) not dead!

      You read it here first.”

      You can do this more than once and with different names. But of course, you may use the same name over and over again. I have a feeling that’s more your thing. 😉

      * That’s common, too.

    • Dragonetti says:

      I’m not an expert in the field of statistics, I’m a musician. However I did ask one to get a more accurate slant on this.
      It would seem that any treatment for anything can have side effects, The vaccines might well have this in some people. But statistically the chances of it happening are vanishingly small, so small as to not be worth considering if you want to be vaccinated. If you choose not be vaccinated then so be it but as others have pointed out the vast majority of current hospitalisations and deaths are in the unvaccinated. The number of deaths from vaccine complications is regrettable but tiny in the greater scheme of things.
      I myself am vaccinated and fine, like everybody else I know. On the other hand, I take daily medicine for cardiac issues. If I didn’t I’d very likely live for less time and/or experience very unpleasant and life-limiting issues. In fact all of the medicines I take daily have a list of potential side effects as long as your arm including, believe it or not, death from heart failure. I experience none.
      Take a broader and less fanatical view and the world will be a safer place.
      Meanwhile I, and many others, have had to clutter up a valuable and stimulating site for discussion of musical issues with non-relevant health discussion. Can we leave it off this site and let it do what it does best please? Thank you.

  • Jack says:

    Tragic story. Sadly, the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is not as safe as the Moderna and Pfizer jabs.

  • Fernandel says:

    “Is it safe ?”

    • PaulD says:

      Well, safer getting dental work by Lawence Olivier.

    • R A says:

      “100% safe and effective” they ALL say! I am 100% sure the death of a colleague from sudden heart attack (clots!) will never be reported to VAERS. And so it goes on and on…”the pandemic of the un-v’d…the un-v’d are clogging up the hospitals” NOT! If a v’d dies WITHIN the two week period of getting the jab, they are listed as being un-v’d and dying of cv!

      • Anthony Sayer says:

        Stop spreading facts, you’ll get cancelled.

      • BRUCEB says:

        Did anyone actually ever say it was “100% safe and effective”? Or is that just something people claim was said when they find out it’s only 95% or something?

        • My Body, My Choice! says:

          Nobody like Faucci or Biden has.

          Hence the logic behind NOT receiving an non-vetted, foreign substance into one’s body no matter one’s health, religious or political calculus.

  • JohninDenver says:

    Is a little more verification perhaps in order? Is there real reason to suggest that vaccination caused this unfortunate young man’s death? The website to which you link no longer says anything about the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

  • La plus belle voix says:

    How very sad. RIP.

    Fact check:

    Following a COVID-19 infection, the body’s immune response is most likely the cause in the predisposition to cerebral aneurysm.

    The chances of experiencing an aneurysm caused by a vaccine are immensely lower than the chances when infected.

    An estimated 6.5 million people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm, or 1 in 50 people.

    The annual rate of rupture is approximately 8–10 per 100,000 people.

    About 30,000 people in the United States suffer a brain aneurysm rupture each year.

    A brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes.

    Women are more likely than men to have a brain aneurysm (3:2 ratio).

    So please be careful with cause and effect, however tragic the circumstances.

    • Tamino says:

      „The chances of experiencing an aneurysm caused by a vaccine are immensely lower than the chances when infected.“

      That is a premature judgement not based on valid data.
      It might very well be, that the chances for an aneurysm/hemorrhage are about similar, regarding additional risks from either vaccine or actual infection.
      Too early to tell.
      There are other factors, which still most likely render the vaccination to be the better option, compared to the infection, but that equation heavily depends on age and other risk factors.

    • Hilary says:

      Much needed clarification . There’s so much conjecture flying around these days.

    • Dale says:

      He’s DEAD after listening to the likes of you!!!!!

      Go ambush his mourning family with your lefty facts. Hope you get shot like the blokes that tried that with me. I don’t care about you either and nobody will miss you!

    • Ashu says:

      “People die all the time.” “He probably died of something else.” Where have we heard this before?

    • Dan oren says:

      Your statistics are right, but:
      1st: Ruptured aneurysms are not the only cause of brain hemorrhages
      2nd: Any vaccine is unlikely to provoke a”de novo” aneurysm. Most likely a venous thrombosis, which could
      In turn cause a bleeding.
      Not knowing the details of this tragic incident (other treatments followed, history of others hemorrhages …) I would not foolishly try to find a culprit sitting in my living-room.

  • Amos says:

    In today’s climate of dis- and mis-information it is incredibly irresponsible to create a cause and effect headline like this without a shred of evidence. There a number of questions which could be posed but the damage is already done and to what end?

    • norman lebrecht says:

      The cause of death has been officially recorded. The headline and article are evidence based.

      • Lionel says:

        We are ALL grateful for President Trump’s vaccines!!!!!

      • John Dalkas says:

        Your source?

      • Amos says:

        Since you’ve started this controversy please consider the following. A young man in his early 40’s whose occupation requires long hours seated, who prior to your post was likely unknown to most readers is engaged in an enterprise that likely induces a fair amount of anxiety and who “perhaps” requires the use of a prescribed steroid to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. That scenario has been documented in case history to lead to blood clots.

        • Anthony Sayer says:

          So how come he was still alive when he had the vaccine?

          • Amos says:

            Because unless you have psychic powers you can never predict when you will succumb to any medical issue. Did he experience a particularly stressful period around the time that he received the vaccine? Also, exactly how long was the interval between receiving the vaccine and his tragic death? Did he experience an escalating series of symptoms and when did they start? Suggesting that since he received a vaccine that that and that alone caused his death is wishful thinking on the part of the anti-vaccine and disinformation community.

          • Bill says:

            Not all smokers develop lung cancer, either, but it certainly shifts the odds against you.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    This is absolutely tragic; the poor man. 40 is still ridiculously young. As to whether it was ’caused’ by a vaccine or just a tragic co-incidence is, I guess, yet to be determined. From my (limited) understanding it’s actually blood CLOTTING that’s the problem – which is the opposite to a bleed. My son had a blood clot behind his eye earlier this year, causing serious consequences, and had to have a specialist medical assessment before receiving his Covid jab; Pfizer was therefore determined the more suitable given his predisposition to clotting.

  • JP says:

    It’s amazing how many people who have gotten the jab refuse to believe that it has also caused thousands of deaths and has made hundreds of thousands of people deathly ill. Just be thankful that you were not one of those because if you were, you’d be singing a different tune. The jab is dangerous as heck.

    • Hayne says:

      Don’t forget long tern effects.
      Nobody knows as not tested long enough. People should understand THEY are test subjects.
      Rest in peace Mr. Dibble.

      • Amos says:

        Comrade H in >200 years of vaccine administration no serious adverse effects have been reported after 6 weeks post-administration. To deny efficacious vaccines on the grounds that something deleterious might occur is irrational and unprovable. Long-term animal studies in which immune responses have been documented have shown nothing. Humans immunized 18 months ago have shown nothing. Humans immunized 3x have shown nothing. Millions of lives have been saved but that outcome isn’t profitable for you.

        • Anthony Sayer says:

          When was the last time so many people were jabbed with an experimental fluid? Vaccines have always taken longer to develop than these ones.

          • Amos says:

            It isn’t an experimental fluid but rather a vaccine which went through a phase 1/2 safety and dose escalating trial followed by a placebo-controlled phase 3 study. The results of the latter study demonstrated ~ 95% efficacy in the vaccine group as judged by the need for hospitalization. The study was able to be stopped early, like any other trial involving a life-threatening issue with no available therapeutic, based on a p value of <0.001. It would be criminal to withhold a life-saving treatment proved to be efficacious. When the polio vaccine was developed in the 1950's we understood far less about the immune system but the results were equally conclusive and it was eradicated.
            As for the speed of the effort the basic research has been going on for years. Once the genome of the virus was determined it was a simple matter to generate mRNA which coded for the spike protein. The immunological principles are the same as for every other viral vaccine, inject the viral protein capable of inducing a high titer neutralizing Ab response.

          • Brettermeier says:

            “Vaccines have always taken longer to develop than these ones.”

            The technology advancement between 2010 and 2020 is SO MUCH BIGGER than between 2000 and 2010. It’s called exponential growth. Look it up!

            I know, you don’t like numbers. They are mean! But there’s pretty pictures, too!


          • Bill says:

            That could be said about nearly every vaccine.

  • Does any one knowledgeable say the two are connected? That seems to be lacking here.

  • I like the Prelude linked and went to his website to hear more. Excellent and versatile musicianship.

    • Julian Elloway says:

      How nice to find one comment here that is not about pro/anti vax! My reaction was, why do they want £16K to bring an ‘exceptional’ piano work to publication? Where, or to whom, is the money going?

  • Wayne says:

    This is a classic example of the logical fallacy ‘Post hoc ergo propter hoc’ – ‘After this, so because of this.’
    Cause is misattributed simply because one event followed another.
    It is not at all clear whether the vaccine is responsible for this and the probability is that it is not related. Hemorrhages occur and most of the population are being vaccinated.

    • Hayne says:

      Except for the thousands of deaths and injuries reported in VAERS and EMA, you would be right. Look at the autopsies on deaths reported in VAERS. Common practice to find cause of death. Virtually nothing.
      The truth about all this is coming out no matter how hard authorities try to smash it down. Look at all the protests around the world.

      • Bill says:

        Yes, there are a lot of uninformed people protesting around the world. Covidiots, you might say.

        Anyone can (and many do) put just about anything they like in a VAERS report. I saw one where the reporter claimed that his penis grew 3 inches in length after the shot.

        • La plus belle voix says:

          I think that is rather stretching a point Bill.

        • Hayne says:

          Knowingly publishing a false VAERS report is punishable by fine AND imprisonment.
          Yes, VAERS is grossly underreported because it is so cumbersome but when a Harvard study showed the obvious flaws for a CDC commissioned study, what happened? The CDC shelved it. That says everything you need to know about them.
          Postmortem autopsies are standard to find causes of unknown death. Out of the many thousands of reported deaths, only one or maybe two have been done.
          It’s so easy to label the millions of people who think differently than you as “covidiots,” isn’t it?

    • Alan P says:

      An excellent comment together with those of La plus belle voix and Amos earlier in the thread. While this is obviously devastating for family and friends no other information is available at this time. So it must be the vaccine, right? The risk of intracranial haemorrhage increases with age but is long and well documented in younger people. Co-factors include (often undiagnosed) hypertension and congenital lesions,
      amongst others. I was diagnosed as hypertensive aged 37 years and had a stroke shortly afterwards before my primary disease was controlled. Post hoc ergo fallacy? Unlikely. Being on a musical site I also well remember the disaster of William Bennett the SF Symphony Orchestra oboist dying of ICH while playing the Strauss Concerto. I didn’t think that either Strauss or playing the oboe were contributing causes.

  • EricB says:

    The”tragic news “is that people, like you have just done, feel obliged to go along with the” vaccine “makers saying over and over that these blood – related side effects are” extremely rare”. How many more “tragic deaths” will it take before people start opening their eyes and ears to reality?

    • La plus belle voix says:

      Fact check:

      Back in April this year researchers at the University of Oxford reported that the risk of the rare blood clotting syndrome known as cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) following COVID-19 infection is ca. 100 times greater than normal occurrence in any given cohort.

      Given that the probable case count of clots post AstraZeneca vaccination is about 1 in 100,000 in the over 50s it would seem, at this stage at least, better to run the miniscule risk of vaccination than of infection.

      Link here:

      Recent analysis from the University of Cambridge points to far greater benefits of vaccination with AstraZeneca than remaining unvaccinated.

      And anyone who is still worried (women under 35) can still opt for mRNA platforms.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      Far too many, for we shall never know how many there are.

  • When thousands of people die from “extremely rare side effects” following the “vaxx,” the side effects aren’t extremely rare.

    I know for a fact, through impeccable sources, that in the State of New York health officials have covered up thousands of nursing home Covid deaths, and continue to do so.

    It is also public knowledge, in the meantime, that the government lied in asserting that the hospitals were full of unvaxxed Covid patients. The overwhelming majority of said Covid patients had been vaxxed.

    It is also a fact that, according to medical standards, the “vaxx” is no vaxx at all.

    In April 2020, I realized that we were in big trouble, when the man in charge of the public health campaign, Anthony Fauci, decreed that mankind would have to give up shaking hands forever more. And that was just the beginning of Fauci’s crazy declarations and contradictions.

    Several people on this thread are Democrat, “follow the science” zealots. These people are, if anything, anti-scientific. They mock anyone who brings disturbing facts to the table, and they routinely lie about the efficacy of the “vaxx,” and even about its status as a vaccination (to be continued).

  • If the “vaxxes” were legitimate, the government would be providing us with numbers on how many people had gotten one of them, how many had experienced negative side effects or died from it, and comparisons to the numbers for other vaxxes. That it has refused to do that, and the “vaxx” zealots mock anyone asking scientific questions, throws the “vaxx'” credibility into question.

    That the government and the “vaxx” zealots demand that getting the “vaxx” be mandatory for the entire populace (excepting the Covid-ridden illegal aliens whom the feds have secretly smuggled into country) leaves no doubt that their aims are political, and have nothing to do with public health.

  • Sue Northedge says:

    So sorry for Matts Family. I only just found out. RIP Matt
    Hannah’s Mum