Career advice for altos: drive an HGV

Career advice for altos: drive an HGV


norman lebrecht

October 15, 2021

VAN magazine has a fascinating interview with Swiss-based alto Dina König who found herself constantly on the road, away from home, cast in uninvolving roles.

A single mother, realizing that her relationship with her son was suffering, she made the road her home and retrained as a tram driver.

Read the full interview here.


In November 2019, I had a really shitty gig: shitty music, shitty conductor, shitty pay. I came home and realized that I was depressed.

Then the pandemic started. For me—and probably for many others—everything collapsed. Personally and professionally. There were two or three weeks where I had no idea what I was going to do: with my son, financially, and just in general. I had student loans. I spent those two or three weeks crying. Then I said, OK, I have to do something. I was willing to do anything as long as it didn’t involve spending the whole day in front of the computer. Nurse, elder carer, postal worker, train conductor, policewoman… or tram driver with the Basel public transport system. 


  • henry williams says:

    where is the child.s father.he should pay
    for his son. like i had to

  • Jack says:

    Good for Dina.

    I’m a lawyer. I sometimes fantasize about quitting and becoming a long-haul truck [lorry] driver. It would allow me to combine two of my favorite activities – driving and listening to classical music.

    Unfortunately, the elites keep telling us that driverless trucks are just around the corner, so what would be the point?

  • 18mebrumaire says:

    Excellent career move. Empowering, remunerative and of great benefit to society. More singers should follow Dina’s enlightened example, especially those God-awful countertenors.