Italy fails to note that Italian wins the Paganini

Italy fails to note that Italian wins the Paganini


norman lebrecht

October 25, 2021

The 20 year-old violinist Giuseppe Gibboni has become the first Italian to win the Paganini Competition in 24 years.

Italian media are barely bothered to report it.

He studies in Cremona in Salvatore Accardo’s class and plays a 1710 Carlo Giuseppe Testori violin, on loan from Milan’s “Pro Canale” foundation.



  • Chicagorat says:

    The Italian ‘major’ paper, il Corriere, is occupied with covering Muti’s petty rants on a weekly basis (usually signed by the supine Cappelli).

    Same goes for Repubblica, even as they display a little more restraint.

    They don’t report on Chailly, Gatti, etc. either.

  • V. Lind says:

    To whom is this surprising?

  • Geigerin says:

    Let’s give the Testore family some love by not misspelling their name!
    Beautiful singing tone.

  • L. says:

    And they didn’t care about the Italians in the Chopin Piano Competition finals.

  • Laundry Industry says:

    What a satisfying performance!

  • Dfdb says:

    The violin is a Testore, not Testori.

  • Berman Pavel says:

    Dear Norman,
    just for the record, Giuseppe also has been studying with me for 5 years in Accademia Perosi,Biella,and currently is a Pierre Amoyal’s student in Mozarteum,Salzburg.
    He is a truly fantastic artist and a wonderful human being.
    Let’s hope many doors will open for him now.He deserves it.

  • Axl says:

    Congrtas to him! Well done!

    But speaking with “barely bothered to report it”… Norman, you have no report that both – Vienna and Berlin Phil have required new interesting players with their ranks e.g. two Slovenian clarinet players (2nd/E-flat and bass) to BPO and Vienna has e.g. new principal bassoon and awesome first lady in history of their double bass section. Both are also requiting lot’s of new players so now we might be stay tuned