France Musique is hit by strike

France Musique is hit by strike


norman lebrecht

October 21, 2021

The French classical station and its assciated website have been severely disrupted by another national slowdown.

Regular programming has been replaced by recordings. Here’s the message:

En raison d’un appel à la grève illimitée de la CGT Radio France, inquiète pour les métiers de la radio dans le cadre d’une expérimentation lancée par la direction, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de diffuser l’intégralité de nos programmes habituels. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser.


  • Piano Lover says:

    It has been on strike since a few days now!I wonder what the motive is but does someone really care?

  • Nightowl says:

    Another strike in France?! You must be joking….

    • Concertgebouw79 says:

      You ‘are right but France Musique is an excellent radio. I’am not sure that in a lot of country you have a radio so good like it without publicity.

      • Dirk Herman says:

        Agree 100%
        Best classical music radio in the world.
        Far,far much better than Radio 4 in the Netherlands.

        • MWnyc says:

          For overall programming, I probably agree with you, though both are good.

          I listen to Netherlands Radio 4 more simply because it airs more actual concerts (which is what I listen for) and keeps them available for streaming longer than France Musique does, but both are very good.

      • Piano Lover says:

        Not that excellent in the articles they write.Often I wrote to them about some musical mistakes(like saying that a signature key with two sharps is in a minor…and other “minor” errors!))
        But on the whole , you are right.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The problem of french radio is the building from the sixties (picture). When people are looking for their office, all spaces look the same, and they have to walk and walk through the architectural circle until they find their seat, and that creates a lot of irritation and loss of costly working time and confusion, with people working at the wrong places and their quarrels.