Florence Price: A life for children

Florence Price: A life for children


norman lebrecht

October 10, 2021

Students at Kaufman Music Center in New York have written and illustrated a biography of the rediscovered African-American composer Florence Price.

The book, originally self-published as a classroom project, ‘tells the story of a brilliant musician who prevailed against race and gender prejudices.’ Schirmer will bring out a commercial edition next month.


  • Althea Talbot-Howard says:


    Thanks for the heads-up, NL!

  • Forgettable says:

    “Who is Florence Price” the cover asks.

    She was a minor church organist who studied with a few minor composers, and wrote a few derivative works that were quickly forgotten. Until she became a convenient PR tool for woke orchestral administrators who lie awake nights in terror of BLM.

    Not more.

  • Hans says:

    FYI, this is a children’s book, and the first children’s book about this great American composer. This is wonderful news.