2 in 3 US orchestras make musicians get jabs. But only 41% check audiences

2 in 3 US orchestras make musicians get jabs. But only 41% check audiences


norman lebrecht

October 08, 2021

Some unequal stats from a League of American Orchestras survey of 202 ensembles:

82% of all responding orchestras (excluding youth orchestras) reported either a mandatory vaccination policy or testing
requirement for their musicians.
• 65% reported a mandatory vaccination policy for their musicians
• 58% indicated they had a policy in place to test some or all of their musicians
• 66% reported that masks would be mandatory
• 39% will continue with some forms of distancing on stage
• 68% reported a mandatory vaccination policy for office staff

41% of all responding orchestras, including youth orchestras, reported either a mandatory vaccination policy or testing
requirement for their audiences. For those orchestras indicating an “other” or “undetermined” policy for their audiences, the majority
noted their policies were dependent on venue or other state and local determinations.
• 26% reported a mandatory vaccination policy for their audiences
• 33% indicated they would require proof of negative COVID-19 tests
• 71% reported a mask mandate is in place for their audiences
• 46% intend to offer at least some performances with socially-distanced options for their audiences



  • Music fan says:

    States and municipalities are driving many of the requirements around COVID in the United States. So aside from some areas under federal jurisdiction (airports, for example) the rules will vary widely.

  • NYMike says:

    Proof of vax is required for all indoor venues in NYC. For NY residents, there’s a “Clear” smartphone app free and easy to install providing quick entry to all venues.

  • mike says:

    Gonna be a real estate windfall.

  • mike says:

    The Governor of Illinois doesn’t even live in Illinois, he has two homes in Wisconsin and has just broke ground on a museum there. Not once have I put on a mask nor has King Pritzker, in fact, when he had Illinois in Lockdown he was frolicking the stores and getting speeding tickets on his boat, wait for it, sans mask. Oh the horror of not wearing pathogens on your face and counting on your immune system. Illinois is Illinoistan and thank God I secured a house outside of this hypochondriac zone, the Governor makes money off of keeping people in constant fear. No rapid testing signs in Wisconsin but the minute you go into Illinois there they are, out in farm country even. Toddlers wander around in masks in Chicago. People ride their bikes without helmets but with magical masks. All of you have lost your minds and we do not need cold testing centers but a Freudian center on every corner. Mental Health checkups are right around the corner, another money maker. I am sure Milwaukee Symphony is the same as the nut balls at the CSO simply out of solidarity-misery loves company. Enjoy AIDS garden on the Lakefront, I’m gonna be in my own garden and buying groceries without a face diaper. Oh and I shake hands and hug people just like olden times-year zero-2019. RIP hugs and handshakes for the mentally unsound.

    • NYMike says:

      Judging from your diatribe, you’ll be first in line at the Freudian center. Oh, and your “nut balls” include every major US orchestra.

  • nimitta says:

    Hmmm, Norman. If the headline says, “But only 41% check audiences”, then why show Andris Nelson and the Boston Symphony Orchestra? I understand they’re some of the good guys: orchestra vaccinated/tested, and no admission to Symphony Hall without a mask and proof of vaccination or recent negative test.

  • mike says:

    lame, you never post my comments. good luck with your veins being shredded by those little unstoppable spike proteins, lunatic.

  • Dr. Science Christ says:

    Thank God these vaccines will once more make us invulnerable to the scourge of respiratory viruses. It’s hard to believe there was once a time where we conducted concerts without 100% of people being totally immune and unable to transmit a virus. Utterly barbaric.

  • Cuckly Cuckington says:

    Why are any of these numbers less than 3 digits? The only thing I like better than a man date (for my wife) is a mandate. Let’s go Brandon!