Young Concert Artists launches rapid rescue operation

Young Concert Artists launches rapid rescue operation


norman lebrecht

September 27, 2021

Having fired Monica Felkel, director of artist management, two weeks ago, the New York non-profit has responded to negative media by calling in a PR and promoting a couple of industry vets.

Here’s today’s line:

Young Concert Artists (YCA) announced today two exciting developments in their Artist Management Department: the promotion of Christina Baker to Director of Artist Management, and the new appointment of Michael “Mic” Herring to Senior Artist Manager (starting October 25). They join Emily Whildin (Associate Artist Manager) and Alana Klonoski (Operations Manager).

YCA President Daniel Kellogg:
“We are confident that this new team will be able to offer our artists the most relevant and impactful training, tools, and guidance, and will be able to advocate effectively on their behalf. This team also brings extensive experience and close relationships with presenting organizations and orchestras throughout the field in order to help create and secure opportunities that will propel our artists’ careers forward.  

Baker, ex-CAMI and ICM, ran her own Baker Artists from 2013-2017, looking after Javier Perianes, Christina and Michelle Naughton, Vadym Kholodenko, David Krakauer, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Attacca Quartet, and The Westerlies. Herring has been managing director of the Dessoff Choirs since 2016.



  • Larry says:

    Norman. why is this photo here? What does it have to do with YCA? Please explain.

  • Former Contestant says:

    Horribly rigged auditions… presenting 2 hours of rep and getting asked to play 10 minutes. Never again.

  • Andy says:

    YCA had all that good stuff with Monica. Maybe Mister Kellogg should’ve stuck with composing where it’s easier to erase or delete grievous mistakes.

  • Sanda Schuldmann says:

    In its entire existence, Susan Wadsworth never needed to hire a PR firm to save her agency. Daniel Kellogg clearly understands nothing about what YCA is all about. He was the wrong man appointed for the job to succeed Susan Wadsworth and should RESIGN if he had any integrity, but he clearly doesn’t. YCA is not any management agency. It was a special and unique brand. Shame on the board that hired him! And shame on him for being completely unqualified and so insecure that got rid of anyone that was the YCA. The person that should have been the natural successor was Mark Hayman, who literally grew up with Ms. Wadsworth! It is so sad to watch the destruction of a precious jewel in the impure world of artists’ management!