Which violinist lives here?

Which violinist lives here?


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2021

Architectural Digest has a glorious spread on ‘the New York City Home of One Professional Violinist’.

Unnamed, of course.

It’s ‘a 3,000-square-foot loft overlooking New York’s Union Square.’

So, not an orchestral violinist.

Anyone recognise it?

See more pics here.



  • J Barcelo says:

    Could be an orchestral player: the concertmasters (leaders) of the Big Five orchestras are paid very, very, very well.

  • NotToneDeaf says:

    Josh Bell

  • Ruben Greenberg says:

    Joshua Bell, I suspect. Who else could afford this?! He made a lot of money busking in the Washington DC subway.

  • Fred Funk says:

    In contrast, if this was a famous orchestral violist’s house, you’d find cats, unmated socks, and a refrigerator full of ice cream. Probably a bunch of unpaid traffic and parking tickets as well.

  • DG says:

    Joshua Bell? He lives in that part of the city, I think. Can’t confirm for sure since he (rudely) has not invited me over.

  • CRWang says:

    Henry Youngman Jr.?

  • henry williams says:

    Joshua Bell

  • TishaDoll says:

    Must be Josh Bell’s

  • Ben G. says:

    Joshua Bell’s man cave?

  • Frank Rippenthorpe says:

    An employed violinist.

  • Hokland says:

    Joshua Bell

  • professional Vln says:

    why would we care?
    So what?

  • marcus says:

    someone loaded-who cares?

  • Robert Levin says:

    I would guess Joshua Bell.

  • Tamino says:

    strange place. no bookshelves.

  • V. Lind says:

    Sterile sort of place.

  • Bernard von Herrmann says:

    Frankly, it doesn’t look like anyone lives in this rather cold, uncomfortable looking space, with little or no sign of human occupancy. I hope the violinist who dwells there has more warmth and individuality in his or her playing than the decor.

  • Terence says:

    Perhaps Elizabeth Pitcairn, owner of the red Mendelssohn Strad. I remember reading that her husband is wealthy.

    Hard for most violinists to afford a pad like that pictured.

    • PFmus says:

      The Pitcairns are an extremely wealthy “blueblood” clan with early fortunes made in aviaition. The family manor (which can be toured) has an exact reproduction of the Chartres cathedral’s stained glass window, among other things.

    • Heather Longfellow says:


  • David says:

    Joshua Bell

  • Nicollo says:

    Nice – looks like living hotel suite

  • Enthusiast says:

    Undoubtedly Joshua Bell

  • anon says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised that it belongs to A.A.M.

  • Leo Key says:

    Does it rings a Bell


    Joshua Bell? What a gorgeous space!

  • Finfare says:

    Joshua Bell.

  • Treble clef says:

    Joshua Bell

  • Patrick says:

    “Often that means recitals, as one of the homeowners is a concert violinist.”

    The other homeowner is most likely a hedge fund manager who can cover all the loses AND provide food, clothing, and shelter.

  • IP says:

    Poor Strad, I hope it does not catch cold.

  • Sixtus Beckmesser says:

    When I was a student at Juilliard and for a few years after, I lived in 10% of that space — a 300-square-foot studio apartment — and I felt lucky to be living in Manhattan. I saw Isaac Stern’s apartment on Central Park West once. It was beautiful, but this photo is even more impressive.

  • Michael Gowar says:

    Purely a guess: Joshua Bell’s home

  • Harry Dahlsjo says:

    Joshua Bell.

  • vlagirl08 says:

    Sure do – but the violinist and his partner are very private with their affluence and surely won’t admit it’s theirs. Besides…it’s not their primary home…

  • Couperin says:

    My guess is either Midori or Sarah Chang. My first thought was Josh Bell, but he lives up in Flatiron.

  • Karl says:

    I know that Joshua Bell has nice digs in the city. But this one is not his.

  • Nice place…but the advertiser shouldn’t have positioned a flower vase on the piano!

  • DanTheMan says:

    David Garrett…

  • Charles says:

    Lindsey Stirling

  • Jeff Aldridge says:

    It wasn’t cheap getting a Steinway D into that space and Jack Benny would have had a more elegant interior design so I’m guessing someone with more money than talent…..

  • Sophie says:

    Is it someone who goes by the nickname “House Ball J?”

  • David K. Nelson says:

    I thought the whole point of Architectural Digest WAS to get your name mentioned together with the photos of your lavishly appointed digs. This would seem to be an odd context for modesty or a wish for privacy. Which reminds me of the lawsuit brought against an interior designer who charged the client a huge fee but with the assurance that they could easily get the results into an Architectural Digest article. The article never appeared and the client sued because that was the whole point (for them) of hiring that designer and paying that fee.

    And Joshua Bell had no objection to A.D. naming his name when they ran an article in May 2010 about his digs. Something about the phrase “professional violinist” doesn’t sound like how you’d describe a big name soloist.

    The article does say that the piano was actually left over from the previous resident; it’s a Mason & Hamlin. 3000 sq ft loft occupies the entire floor. I assume someone swept up all the bow hairs that end up getting tossed on the floor ….

  • vlagirl08 says:

    Everybody suggesting J. Bell is way off, lol. He lives in Gramercy Park and has the top two floors of the building. It’s not Chang or Midori, either.

    Nobody on this thread has guessed it yet.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The interior looks so bland and impersonal that one has to conclude this must be the dwelling of an extremely wild, disorganized, unbalanced and over-emotional player who needs the opposite surroundings to calm down after a concert.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gil Shaham?

  • Marco says:

    Probably an underpaid orchestra member, who inherited the place together with their siblings and redecorated it before putting it on Airbnb.

  • Mystic Chord says:

    “The subtle shifts and angles were created as a nod to the importance of the New York grid and the dynamic disruption of Broadway,” Yeung says.

    Well at least they have a sense of humour.

  • Ashu says:

    It looks to me like no one lives there.