Watch Rheingold at a golf course with snacks and drinks

Watch Rheingold at a golf course with snacks and drinks


norman lebrecht

September 14, 2021

Virginia Opera, USA.

It appears you sit in a ‘box’ that is a covered driving range stall, ordering food and watching the opera down on the 18th hole.



  • mary says:

    Which begs the question why hasn’t some regietheater director already set The Ring entirely on a golf course?

  • Paul says:

    Well, it certainly shows what is most important to the opera company. Talk about bait-and-switch! Obviously they are doing everything they can to lure people into attending without frightening them by actually playing a note of the music or even suggesting what an opera is. Very sad, actually….to be so ashamed of the art form they’re supposed to be presenting.

    • David King says:

      I’ll disagree with you Paul. I think this is interesting marketing. If the music and action is performed why not have it at Top Golf? Top Golf is not the ideal venue it does present possibilities to expand the audience base. The venue is more comfortable for the audience and it allows creative performance opportunities. I would hope that the marketing staff would invite those in attendance in a special offer to experience an opera in the traditional venue.

      I’d love to experience Wagnerian opera in Bayreuth but until international travel becomes simpler and within my budget, tickets are obtained and the squeaks removed from the cane seats I’ll consider Top Golf.

  • Alexander says:

    I misread your head and it was like ” Gulf course… sharks and divers ..” 😉 a kind of a head for Opera Australia 🙂

  • Peter San Diego says:

    That’s no sand trap, that’s Nibelheim!

  • V. Lind says:

    Driving ranges do not have “18th holes.” They have a driving range. It may be the simulation of an 18th hole somewhere, but to have an 18th hole you have to be on a golf course. This is a driving range.

    Have to say, I took a look at a report on it, and, boy, does it look like a comfortable place to watch opera. And apparently the acoustics worked fine. This may not be a one-off.

  • Freewheeler says:

    I’ll pass on this one. I’m still hanging out for Wozzeck performed on trampolines.

    • Musikmann3.0 says:

      **Boing**…. Jawohl …**Boing**…Herr….**Boing**….Haupt……..**Boing**……….mann………………….**Boing**

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    This is awesome, and makes me proud to be an American . .
    . I think. If the singers aren’t to your liking, you hit golf balls at them instead of booing.

  • Brettermeier says:

    “ordering food”

    What kind of food? We have a right to know!

  • Allen says:

    I hope Donner has been working on his swing.

  • NotToneDeaf says:

    “Have more questions?” Oh, I have a lot of them. Who’s singing? Who’s conducting? Who’s the director? Is there an orchestra? Can you tell me a little bit about this opera? Or are you hoping I’ll be so stuffed and drunk I’ll forget about that annoying part?

  • Freewheeler says:

    Virginia Opera keeps deleting my extremely funny comments on their YT channel, so I’ll do it here:
    Linda Fairtile 1 week ago
    I wonder what single people are supposed to do? I don’t particularly want to sit with seven strangers.
    Hey Baby. Would you like to put your finger in my ring? It’s magic.

    (and I was only quoting what Alberich says to Brunhilde in Act 3 before they get married. That’s my recollection anyway).