UPDATE: Wagner heir is out of coma

UPDATE: Wagner heir is out of coma


norman lebrecht

September 26, 2021

A first press bulletin on Eva Wagner-Pasquier, who was dragged lifeless three weeks ago from the River Isar, reports that she remains in a coma in a Munich hospital in a critical condition.

Police say they have not yet established if she fell into the river by accident or attempted suicide.

UPDATE: However, friends inform us today that she is now out of intensive care and making good progress.


  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Dreadful business. Hope she make a full recovery.

  • Paul Dawson says:

    All good wishes to her. I’m glad to be informed of the update. I can’t help thinking that the headline might have identified her by name, rather than ‘Wagner heir’.

  • Melisande says:

    In today’s world of social media decent people have to respect privacy.
    So, all contributors to this site are not entitled to be informed about the accident which happened to Mrs. Eva Wagner. We should only wish her a speedy recovery.
    Refrain from unhealthy inquisitiveness.

  • Isobel Buchanan says:

    I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with Eva and Lucia Popp about 38 years ago when I was singing in Munich. I treasure a photo of our two children, both aged 12 months old, looking over a wall into the garden.
    How sad to think that this lovely lady has had such an experience and I send all good wishes for a full and speedy recovery.