US deaths rising in latest Covid toll

US deaths rising in latest Covid toll


norman lebrecht

September 02, 2021

These are the musician Covid deaths recorded in the last few days.

371 The Skull singer Eric Wagner, 62

372 Iraqi composer Fathallah Ahmed, 64

373 Dolly Parton’s drummer Kenny Malone, 83

374 Indian tabla virtuoso Subhankar Banerjee, 54

375 San Francisco recordng engineer George Horn, 87

376 UK rapper Markus Birks, 40 (pictured)

377 Florida luthier John Rainey, 62

378 Malaysian singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin, 36

379 Tennessee band director John Lane

380 Florida music teacher Erica Miller, 40

381  Anti-vax radio host Marc Bernier, 62

382 Florida folk musician Eddy Fischer, 71

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  • sam says:

    Younger, healthier, anti-vaxxers think that if they ever get infected that at the last minute they’ll have access to the best cutting edge health care and drugs that 75 year old Trump had.

    Think again.

    Most hospitals even today in the US and the UK do not administer the ant-viral drugs that Trump had access to, and none will fly you in on Marine One.

    Get vaccinated.

    If not for your sake, for your children’s sake.

    • Adam Wahl says:

      People like ‘Sam’ are precisely why liberals will always be stuck and derided by those of sound, humanitarian mind.

      ‘Sam’ attempts to elevate himself intellectually by celebrating the painful deaths of ONLY those who do not share his narrow political leanings. This site has seen too much Democrat hate hoisted up as everyone suffers EQUALLY against a non-political virus affecting the globe.

      Well ‘Sam’, your own allies and leaders have been getting sick and dying at EQUAL rates. I don’t feel happy about that. However you likely don’t care about your own people to even mourn them since they are but chess pieces to your type. You don’t care about anybody in your group. You don’t care about yourself either as you took time to hurt strangers. Very sad for you. Ironic as well since the vaccines your side pushes were mobilized by President Trump. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer did nothing to actively produce vaccines alongside big Pharma. Trump did.

      Doesn’t leave you with anything but soulless, impotent anger.. Hope you get some help ‘Sam’. The rest of us are caring for and burying our fellow man along with attempting to enjoy life…

      • inaustria says:

        Wow. Nowhere did I see Sam mention Democrats, he simply mentioned Trump as a rich, priviliged man who had had the virus and received the best care. I have had it with goofballs who have a superiority complex, telling people that the numbers are manipulated, that “things are happening that not eveyone knows about” and that the vaccine is deadly. And these are the people lining up to injest horse de-wormer.
        Republican or Democrat, you cant fix stupid and Darwin is at work. And Adam Wahl, your last sentence says it all. I personally would welcome a litte more enjoyment and a lot less burying.
        Yesterday in Austria they announced that 81% of new Covid cases were unvaccinated people. Its really not hard to draw a conclusion from this, regardless of your political leanings.

        • Jaysun says:

          Why constantly focus on Trump when you have Biden in the states now?

        • Brit says:

          Men still rule the conversation, eh?

          Where’s Kamala or Hillary Clinton on these important matters?!?!

        • Terrance H. says:

          It’s crystal clear you too ‘inaustria’ miss beloved President Trump after enduring Biden only for a few short months.

          • inaustria says:

            Terrance H., polish up that crystal ball. I would have voted for anyone over Trump. Biden most likely wont be the best president, but Trump will surely go down in history as the worst.

          • Omar says:

            You are too fixated on President Trump ‘inaustria’!!

            Be specific about what Biden and Hillary Clinton have been accomplishing all this time or go sit with the rest of the jealous children on the left who are quickly losing benefits and hope. Mainstream media in the USA is questioning Biden’s mental health and lack of character in allowing citizens to suffer without his own pandemic financial assistance programs, job creation (his numbers are truly pitiful), student loan debt help or eradication he campaigned on, help for the disabled, foreign policy relations (which he recently destroyed in allowing the Taliban to give him orders), etc.

            Frankly your antagonism of other commenters is making your position weak and emboldening Trump supporters.

          • inaustria says:

            It is not my intention to antagonize, and you are probably correct. However I did not bring Trump into the conversation. I have been called a Trump lover and an uneducated Austrian, but if I am the antagonistic one then I shall attempt to temper my tone.
            As I said, I am not an ardent Biden fan, though he is certainly better than Trump. Not sure why you ask me to extoll the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton, who has been out of any leading role in politics for a number of years. Perhaps you mean Kamala Harris?

        • Ross Feldman says:

          As an Austrian uneducated in US politics Biden, Harris, Obama, Pelosi and the lot are exceptionally “rich and privileged”. Indeed they extoll White Privilege (Obama’s birth mother was white so he’s a 51% white guy with clearly affluent, white tastes in neighborhoods).

          In fact each of them indulges in the best neighborhoods, armed security, healthcare, etc money can buy. So as a leftist Austrian, question what your own people have and how they got it like a truly educated individual. None of your leaders are hurting medically or financially. Why?? Equal access perhaps or even the use of the free market capitalist system they REQUIRE to live as they do as they live off of the government to fund themselves.

          • inaustria says:

            If that is addressed to me: “rich and privilaged” is simply a description of Trump’s standing, and neither pejorative or admiring. He has money, (or not, if one believes the media) therefore rich. And I think it is safe to say that the President is privilaged.
            Kindly re-read my pseudonynm: “inaustria” does not mean “austrian”, so spare me the preaching about my nationality and “your leaders”.

      • NYMike says:

        Pfizer got no Trump money.

        • Sue Sonata Form says:

          Why bring up Trump? He’s staler than last year’s Thanksgiving Turkey (and sorry for the pun). And Biden, Pelosi and McConnell are both running on batteries.

          Let it go.

      • Conner H. says:

        Biden has proven too mentally ill to speak rationally. The leftist US press has reported the angst of his own party for weeks now.

        He and Harris are too fixated on President Trump. They can’t lead so they project and make excuses. The media keeps asking why Harris ran away after the Texas Democrats came to visit her after admitting several were COVID positive. No matter, Harris is rightly receiving pressure from her allies to invoke the 25th amendment on Biden as she remains in hiding.

        The Trump vaccines are all Biden pushes daily which is most amusing considering neither Biden nor the left assisted with the vaccines. All Biden has done is facilitated the dominance of the Taliban as the lefty groups accept defeat.

      • Sue Sonata Form says:

        Couldn’t agree more and thanks for having the courage to go against this tide of detritus.

        Thoughts for the families of those who have died from this dreadful disease – which has ‘secondary’ victims who cannot access medical care for conditions like cancer, heart disease etc. or even a decent medical specialist. I cannot speak about that in the USA but in my own country good luck being able to visit a doctor.

        Every other health issue is on hold until this pandemic is dealt with and people will die in their thousands in the meantime. I regard them as Covid victims too because they are ‘collateral damage’.

      • David says:

        You are absolutely right that the virus affects everyone equally in theory, except that in reality, it has become a political issue where responses to the virus are enormously different depending on the state and communities.

        Sam did not even mention Republicans or the right wing, but youngsters and anti-vaxxers who believe they are invincible, who may not have thought hard enough about what kind of treatments are actually available at this point.

        You have clearly misread and over-interpreted his words with bad faith, bringing yet again politics into this discussion. Remember, YOU are the one who brought politics into this discussion…not Sam. So everything you’ve mentioned in your own post about how he must be a soul-less angry person for politicizing this, you need to repeat right back at yourself. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for you, “Adam”. Hope you get some help, “Adam”.

        • Colleen Ennis says:

          You’re being childishly defensive ‘David’ as all garden variety Democrats are. Watching them predictably fail and flail around desperately without taking meaningful responsibility. The Biden’s couldn’t even rest a respectable child (Meth-head Hunter) and Kamala isn’t woman enough to run an ice cream parlor the way she’s gone into hiding. These people are taking orders from the Taliban after their poorly planned military execution allowing savages to take over the government, people, us arms, women and girls…..all females stuck under sheets in fear of being seen about.

          Besides all of that, the fact ‘David’ is that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China. The lockdowns, lost income and deaths are China’s responsibility alone. They are the ROOT epicenter with patient zero along with the rest of those poor people under communist rule. Mainstream media stopped covering Wuhan when Biden came into sight. All he does is bemoan mindless vaccinations at the expense of ALL of his campaign promises that he’s RENEGED on!

          ie Those angry, broke grads with higher ed debt have been left stranded with Pelosi exacerbating their devastation after he took office. It is very funny for those of us that researched Biden’s past in barring college loan debt from being discharged when he helped formulate credit card debt bankruptcy laws in the early 2000’s. It’s as if these “college educated” folks didn’t know this!

          No more desperately needed pandemic stimulus checks either since Biden-Harris don’t care about anybody but themselves.

          With numerous other examples, it’s no wonder democrat’s betrayal has manifested into embarrassing remorse. The country misses Donald Trump more and more as every day passes with no quantifiable results, broken promises and nauseating projection by the left.

          • David says:

            Oh dear….I do hope you can find other sources of identity and affirmation other than this politics…I actually sincerely think this and I don’t mean it in a sardonic way. I wish you best of luck.

          • You are an idiot. You either can’t read or are too stupid to realize that those who do not get vaccinated are now the people dying from COVID AND, the sad part, are getting others sick. You are so typical of the right-wingers making up most everything to suit your idiotic views and conspiracy theories.

          • Hayne says:

            No generalizations here.
            The ad hominen crap is sooo tiresome.

      • Anoneemaus says:

        Here are the facts, “Adam” “Wahl”, anti-vaxxers rely on horse de-worming drugs when they are alive. When they’re dead, their wife and children rely on GoFundMe.

        If they are not irrational, they are selfish, even to their own family.

        Get vaccinated, its far more reliable than the kindness of strangers to support your family after you’ve left them.

        • Hayne says:

          You do realize that Ivermectin tablets for people is different than Ivermectin for horses?
          Please tell the CDC and the legacy media also because they’re spreading lies.
          India used it..

          What a bunch of selfish irrational people!

          • Hayne says:

            Hey, let’s not forget comparing African countries using Ivermectin vs countries not using Ivermectin.
            Johns Hopkins chart…


            I’m sure you’ve seen this in the legacy media:)

          • inaustria says:

            Yes, except the Ivermectin for people is different than the paste for horses. And I have read enough posts recommending that people “stock up with the apple flavored paste while it is still available at the tackle shop.” The “people version” is long since sold out, as was hydroxychoroquine.

          • Hayne says:

            Yikes, I don’t know what country you’re talking about but it’s available in the US. I agree it’s probably more difficult to get now because more people are ordering it. There are more and more sites that one can order hydroxychloroquine from doctor prescriptions.
            I can’t help with peoples’ strange ideas however.

      • Vincent C. says:

        Well put Mr. Whal.

        It’s also liberal man-children who create problems and run away…hence the “single mother” with multiple bastard children sob stories one sees in the states.

        Without strong fathers, they’ve seen a steady stream of lost boys for life and constantly pregnant girls who use the children as tools for government assistance. The boys grow up envious like sam who does not know what a father son relationship is. Poor dear.. All that confusion confined in each Democrat male who is in sexual doubt and influenced by talking heads during drug highs.

    • Gere Kulver says:

      It’s about freedom of choice!

      Not all medical doctors and nurses are getting vaccinated due to their personal health concerns. All who are immunocompromised, pregnant or planning births, blood diseased, disabled, organ-compromised, etc are rightly hesitant to further injure their bodies.

      Forcing one’s liberalism on others never works in civilized societies. Besides the epicenter of COVID-19 is Wuhan, China where their communist government is responsible for allowing its release into the globe. One rarely hears about what progress they’ve made and what the monthly numbers are let alone inoculations or perhaps cures. Instead we have fear mongering lefties blindly pushing vaccinations that they OWN STOCK IN which are not fully vetted!

      One’s body is their property to do with as they freely choose. Unless of course the Left doesn’t believe that. In which case, when one from the right again becomes president, they can mandate all left-voters be STERILIZED. A good thought.

      • inaustria says:

        Why do you equate liberalism with having common sense?? And your body is certainly your own to do with as you please. except when you begin sneezing and coughing while sitting next to me. Would you urinate on me? Hopefully not. But spread a deadly disease? No problem, apparantly.

  • BRUCEB says:

    I don’t know if any of these people were vaccinated or not, and I’m not going to look it up. I’ll just say, politics aside:

    In the US overall, about 98% of hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated. You can decide what this says to you about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

  • TruthSeeker says:

    60% of those older than 50 who die from COVID are double Vaxxed. The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” propaganda narrative is crumbling. Facts don’t lie, however inconvenient for those pushing an agenda.

  • George says:

    Well, I see the anti-vaxxers are still here, pumping out disinformation and stirring up culture wars. It’s a shame they feel they have a platform on a classical music blog. An art form that is about recognizing the best in humanity will never be compatible with their nefarious aims.

    • David says:

      I absolutely agree…this is such a mystery to me, honestly. There seems to be a huge chasm between musicians and audiences, apparently…Maybe it’s because of the site owner that this site attracts these audiences.

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    Deniers will just go on saying, “it’s really just the flu”.

    • Hilary says:

      abetted by flimsy official information from the UK govt. which *initially* compared this type of coronavirus with the flu. Yes, information changes as we learn more about the illness but this ought to have been more thought out.

  • Tom Phillips says:

    Wasn’t aware that “Anti-vax radio host Marc Bernier, 62” was any kind of musician rather than a typical Trump-supporting fascist neanderthal. In any event, he truly won’t be missed by any decent or humane person.

  • Larry W says:

    Since radio hosts are being mentioned, here is another:
    Phil Valentine, a Nashville-based conservative radio talk show host who had questioned whether it was necessary for all people to get Covid-19 vaccines, died August 21. Valentine was 61 years old.

    “Phil would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an ‘anti-vaxer’ he regrets not being more vehemently ‘Pro-Vaccine’, and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon,” his brother Mark Valentine wrote on July 22.

    “This is a real threat, it is a real public health crisis and it is something that if he had to do over again … his cavalier attitude wouldn’t have been what it was and he would have gotten vaccinated and encouraged everybody to get vaccinated,” he added.

  • Rob says:

    I’m not anti vaccine, but I am anti experimental ‘covid’ vaccine that’s killing people such as Footballer Roy Butler.

    My immune system seems pretty strong, I eat raw veg on a daily basis and haven’t had any flu for 20 years.

    • David A says:

      It’s natural and prudent to be skeptical of new technology, but have you followed what kind of procedures they went through, what kind of hurdles they cleared, and what have been the actual effect of the vaccine so far? What’s important isn’t whether something is new or not, it’s how it’s come to be approved and used.

      The case of Roy Butler may be pure coincidence, if such reporting of getting the vaccine 4 days prior is even correct. Clearly, the “family member and friend” who’s been posting about his case have been anti-vaxxers from way before his death. Notice that their immediate family have said nothing.

      Not getting sick from eating raw egg does not necessarily indicate how you will respond to Covid, or another disease. The fact of the matter is, we can ascertain that the risk we face from Covid itself is far greater than any risk we face from the vaccine, and that goes for the young healthy people. Millions of people have been vaccinated with very little side effects and only a number of possibly related deaths. On the other hand, hundreds of millions of people have been infected by Covid and millions have died, and even more who are suffering from debilitating long covid syndrome. Which do you prefer? It really just boils down to that.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    The mRNA jabs don’t prevent transmission and may help a bit to alleviate symptoms…

    Lots of dangers in “one-size-fits-all” medicine. Don’t let anyone shame you into taking on a risk.

    A vaccine protects the recipient. If taking the vaccine goes far above someone’s risk-tolerance (look at Vaers), well, they have a right to refuse. And in the US, you are protected by the constitition.

    A mandate is not a law.

    By the way, look up the stats in Israel… how many jabs until it becomes apparent that this mRNA garbage does not provide lasting immunity?

    And how many deaths will it take for the corrupt leaders to realize that doing the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result, is insanity.

    If you don’t want the jab, fight tooth and nail and don’t take it. If you want the jab and all the risks associated with it, take it.

    End of story.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise, is brainwashed and too far-gone to reason with. Many of these lunatics are easy to spot – they wear masks while walking in a park with lots of clean air. And they think that ivermectin is an “animal medicine”…