Sting turns 70

Sting turns 70

Daily Comfort Zone

norman lebrecht

September 28, 2021

The Police rockband member, now a Deutsche Grammophon artist, will hit a milestone on Friday.

We hope he cheers up.



  • SMH says:

    I’m sure Sting is perfectly happy.

  • HDY says:

    I saw his performance of the Dowland songs at Disney Hall. Stupendous. the lutenist was amazing. This recording is a false representation of Sting’s skills and artistry.

  • Bloom says:

    Wonderful songwriter.

  • Concertgebouw79 says:

    All the best for this great singer. I will never forget the moment I discovred alone that the melody of his song Russians has a connection with Prokofiev. I have to say that I heared first Sting and that I was upset to don’t have known it earlyer.

  • Springbeg says:

    To my ears he turned Dowland into Dour-land…..but in matters of faith and taste there are no winners.

  • John Soutter says:

    When will Sting perform Stockhausen and will Stockhausen be performed at Glastonbury . I haven’t heard Mozart or Berio on Radio 1 recently …

  • Music fan says:

    Sting participated in a wonderful recording of Stavinsky’s Histoire du Soldat with Ian McCellan and Vanessa Redgrave back in the day. Truly an eclectic performer.

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    Sting retired and became Stung.

  • Mr. Chris Rasdale says:

    As a very long-time fan of Sting I think it’s great that his 70th birthday coincides with the release of ‘The Bridge.’ – his new album of original music.

    This release coming after some great albums like ‘If On A Winter’s Night.’, ‘Songs From The Labyrinth.’, ‘The Last Ship.’, and the rather tepidly received ’57th & Night.’. But also in my opinion too many years of re-tooling his back catalogue of solo and The Police songs over and over again.

    After water-treading albums like ‘Symphonicities.’ and the dreadful ‘My Songs.’ it’s quite a relief to know that Sting hasn’t lost his songwriting mojo.

  • Save the MET says:

    Now I feel old.

  • Alison says:

    He will turn 70 on Saturday October 2. I have been a fan since the late 70’s.

  • Karl says:

    Funny story:
    Patrick Stewart Had No Clue Who Sting Was When They Worked Together on ‘Dune’

    I wonder if it’s true.

    Sting’s real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. The Police could have been the Gordon Summer Band. Or just Summer. Not a bad name for a band.

  • MR says:

    Only in the past year did I hear Sting’s “Fragile” for the first time, loving its gentle-powerful, essential message; its wondrously original and tender beauty. His version of “Soul Cake” slays me, too, first hearing it while high up in the West Maui Mountains during a Christmas television broadcast six years ago.

    Two other great favorites are “Desert Rose” and “A Thousand Years” with their gorgeously hypnotic, sublime assimilation of Middle Eastern essences…