Jonas Kaufmann sicks out of Munich gala

Jonas Kaufmann sicks out of Munich gala


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2021

The tenor has pulled out of tomorrow season-opening concert at Bavarian State Opera, citing health concerns.

Kaufmann was a stalwart of the previous regime in his hometown opera house. He is not close to the new boss.

Serge Dorny has covered his opening night vacancy with Piotr Beczala as supersub.



  • Leo Balk says:

    The audience will not suffer.

    • Helen says:

      By the way PB did ok but he was not brilliant. Always awkward stepping in to sing someone else’s programme. I sure missed JK.

  • Bloom says:

    It might be the new boss, but also the serious vocal issues and the unhealthy mien from the Athens Rolex concert . It’s better for him not to show up anywhere in this state. I wish him well.

  • Eric B says:

    “He is not close to the new boss.”
    Ah, ah, who is “close to the new boss”, except leeches ?

  • Dr Huw says:

    The verb ‘to sick out’ is a new low for our rich language – eek!

    • Heather Cole says:

      In colloquial American English, to “sick out” is to use withdrawal from performance for reasons of ill health as a protest. Readers will decide for themselves, but it appears the Maestro has truly been ill.

      • Jonathan Sutherland says:

        Since when has a tenor enjoyed the title of ‘maestro’?
        More appropriate would be the familiar Italian superlative of ‘stupido, stupdissimo, tenore’.

  • Tom Phillips says:

    One of the greatest perpetrators of “cancelitis” in the opera world today – along with Terfel and Harteros.

    • Helen says:

      Kaufmann has been very consistent recently. I don’t think he has cancelled anything for eighteen months, and he has been very busy throughout. Remarks about his voice on this blog being bad are from the usual suspects I am afraid to say. They are all bitter and always wish Kaufmann ill will. They are pathetic.


  • Susan Toth says:

    That is certainly an unpleasant and prejudiced headline. I am astonished so many “critics” think a singer should always perform, no matter how ill or how doing this could permanently affect a voice. I wonder if any of these Jonas-haters ever gets sick? Perhaps their indignation is energizing?

  • Jack says:

    Oscar Levant and Vladimir Horowitz were notorious for canceling their concerts.

    Oscar once joked to VH that their managements should issue a joint press release that would say “Vladimir Horowitz and Oscar Levant will be available this season for a limited number of cancellations.”