Argerich and Freire drop out of Chopin Competition jury

Argerich and Freire drop out of Chopin Competition jury


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2021

Message from Warsaw, where the Chopin Competition begins next weekend:

Nelson Freire will not take part in the work of the Jury of the Chopin Competition due to illness. He will be replaced by Arthur Moreira-Lima, the winner of the 2nd prize in 1965, the Jury’s highest rating alongside Martha Argerich. Like Argerich, he also became the audience’s favourite.
Martha Argerich, bound by an enduring friendship with Nelson Freire, decided to be with him in this difficult time. Therefore, she will not play at the inauguration of the competition, and will not sit on the Jury, where she was a member in the two previous editions of the competition.
Argerich and Freire are, by some margin, the most celebrated members of the Chopin jury.


  • Antenor says:

    Hope he gets better soon. What is the illness?

  • christopher storey says:

    Well, these “ratings” are all very subjective but in my view Harasiewicz, Alexeev, Goerner are all very distinguished and certainly on the same level as Freire, and when it comes to Chopin Harasiewicz has few equals

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    These two are growing quite old now and illness will be part of their daily worlds. Old age has zero going for it!!

    • David A says:

      Sue, I am assuming you are in your mid-late 60’s. I’m impressed you can say such a thing! Hope you’re doing well.

    • True North says:

      The worst symptom of all is the mind that seems to close firmly shut after a certain age. (A big problem for some, but seemingly not one for the smartest and most interesting individuals).

  • Phil says:

    I cannot help but question Martha’s motive here…it seems she’s using this as a get-out-of-jail card. How close can they be? They’re not life partners – it’s not like she’s going to be by his hospital bed non stop…

  • Josef says:

    Didn’t she resign from it before for “artistic” reasons when Pogorelich wasn’t advanced, not to mention her multiple cancelled concerts over the years? So apparently it’s not that difficult for her to dip out. Music competitions are kind of silly events anyway. A-list performers should avoid them imo.

  • Steve says:

    What is Freire’s illness ? One especially worries if his home remains in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.