Vilde lands a golden Guarneri

Vilde lands a golden Guarneri


norman lebrecht

August 10, 2021

The Norwegian violinist Vilde Frang has spent four years searching for the perfect instrument.

Finally she found one, and someone to pay for it.  The Stretton Society, a private philanthropic club, has loaned her the 1734 ‘Rode’ Guarneri del Gesù, obtained through dealers J&A Beare.

Will she make in the Vilde Guarneri?



  • Jeff Levenson says:

    She deserves it.

  • NYMike says:

    “Will she make in the Vilde Guarneri?” Huh??

    • Bill says:

      Probably intended to read “will she make it the Vilde Guarneri” and referring to the possibility that the violin will come to carry the name of a famous owner or player in the fullness of time. However it already bears the name of a famous virtuoso, and she is not the owner, so this is unlikely.

      • David K. Nelson says:

        It won’t be the Vilde because, among other things, they use last names for such things. A loan of this sort is rarely long term enough to attach a name.

        The protocol seems to be that once a fiddle is “named” or has one super-famous owner, such as Pierre Rode in this case, that name sticks and the best other owners or players can hope for is that they will be named as an “ex-” So, perhaps someday it will be the ‘Rode’ Guarnerius, ex-Brainin, ex-Frang.

  • MacroV says:

    I still wonder why more violinists don’t head over to Christian Tetzlaff’s luthier – he’s still using that violin that cost him $17,000 (Euros?), isn’t he?