US musicians face new EU travel curbs from today

US musicians face new EU travel curbs from today


norman lebrecht

August 31, 2021

The European Union yesterday removed the United States from its Covid list of ‘white’ countries whose travellers can enter Europe without restrictions. From today, they will have to prove their visit is ‘essential’. something many musicians will struggle to articulate.

The measure is partly triggered by low vaccination rates in the US and partly by America’s block on vaccinated Europeans from entering the US without an ‘essential’ reason.

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  • Ken says:

    Get your shots, folks !

    • Faith over Fear says:

      What part of “does not prevent transmission” don’t you get? Then again, big brother Fauci told you to get it, so be a good citizen/human lab rat and get it.


      • Peter San Diego says:

        It doesn’t prevent transmission, but it does reduce (not eliminate) the rate of infection — if you’re not infected, you can’t transmit. It also reduces (again, without eliminating) the incidence of severe disease.

        Ergo, getting the vaccination is not only worthwhile but important. And getting the booster, likewise.

      • NYMike says:

        You evidently prefer big brother Gov. De Santis (DeathSentence). Figures.

      • Mike says:

        Fauci dd experiments with dogs getting eaten alive by flies. not kidding. it just came in a foia

  • Gustavo says:

    Checking the German official website, it looks like that vaxed Americans wouldn’t need to express a reason of urgent necessity to come to Germany and could also skip 14 days isolation.

    Hope my interpretation is correct?

  • RW2013 says:

    But we have our own musicians in “old Europe”.

    • Anon says:

      And we have ours in the US. So tell yours to stop coming over & taking our jobs.

      • American says:

        It’s a pretty sad place that doesn’t welcome immigrants of any sort. No Maazel in NY, Szell in Cleveland, Ormandy in Philly, the list goes on…

        • Anon says:

          Certainly. Explain that to “RW2013” who commented above that “we have our own musicians in ‘old Europe’ “.

          The US has always welcomed European immigrants like those you mention, who want to play, teach, conduct in the US. Why is Europe so stingy about reciprocating & allowing US musicians & conductors to work in the EU?

        • Maria says:

          Not talking about immigrants, and using them as cheap labour, just essential travelling.

  • guglhupf says:

    The suggested restrictions are not mandatory, and it remains up to each European Union member state to follow the guidelines. It’s not yet clear which countries, if any, will reintroduce restrictions or when they might begin.

    If enforced, the new restrictions would apply to unvaccinated travelers only.

  • mary says:

    Prove yourselves “essential” for Europe and for America, folks !

  • V. Lind says:

    I hope it is strictly enforced. Serves the Americans right for their cavalier attitude to public health issues in their eternal quest for what they think of as “freedom.”

    They are the only place in the world where that is almost a sinister word. E.g.: the “freedom” to bear arms without any “intrusive” background checks or limitations.

    People who think that any lunatic should be able to purchase arms unencumbered by a check to protect their “right” to keep a loaded Kalashnikov by their bedside are unlikely to obey any public health injunctions in their own increasingly ungovernable country. But please keep them out of yours — and mine — unless they are prepared to obey sensible rules.

    • Bill says:

      Unfortunately it also affects those Americans who have been diligent about getting vaccinated at the earliest possible time, and who voted the orange moron out of office the first chance we had.

      • V. Lind says:

        I’m afraid the US will be paying off the consequences of having let him in to begin with for some time.

        As the UK, with increasing prices and diminishing products on their shelves, will be paying off the consequences of their ill-negotiated Brexit for decades.

        • Maria says:

          No shortage where I live, only if people start to panic-buy.again. It’s not Brexit problem. It’s a shortage of lorry drivers, underpaid and used for years from Eastern Europe. The issue is far more complex than Brexit.

          • V. Lind says:

            And why is there a shortage? I am perfectly aware of that. Does the fact that there are suddenly so few from Eastern Europe give you any clue?

            Like I said. This blog is full of the ramifications to musicians of Brexit. I am not questioning Brexit — as |I have told Remainer friends, get over it, it’s a done deal, the referendum was WON by Leavers. End of.

            But the deal as rammed through by a PM who was more concerned with meeting a deadline (that could both have been renegotiated and could have been legitimately delayed after the outbreak of Covid) has left massive problems in its wake.

            Ask fishermen. Ask Northern Ireland. Ask food store owners trying to fill their shelves. The deal was done to the political tune of a clown, rather than thoughtfully and patiently.

    • Mike says:

      lol The CIA is robbing Europe via this virus. Why do you think the USA is sooooo rich. It is what we do.

  • Faith over Fear says:

    Another reason not to get the untested mRNA shot. Faith over fear.

  • Timothee says:

    What’s wrong?…it means we no longer have knockoff US comedy acts like the JACK Quartet and mediocre American singers at the ENO like that embarassing “countertenor” Costanzo