The Covid toll keeps on ticking

The Covid toll keeps on ticking


norman lebrecht

August 01, 2021

These are the deaths in the music community in the past ten days. South African is suffering worse than most.

344 South African singer Yoti Loizos, 71

345 SABC musician Saranti Reeders, 60

346 Opera director Graham Vick, 67 (pictured)

347 Russian rock musician Pyotr Mamonov, 70

348 Russian singer Boris Goryachev, soloist of the Turetsky Choir, 50

349 Capetown jazz presenter Vic Scanlon-Hall

350 Capetown jazz pianist Andre Petersen, 43

351 Bangladeshi heritage singer Fakir Alamgir, 71

352 Brazilian music professor Jayme Guimarães

353 Cleveland reggae artist David Smeltz, 66

354 Iranian pop singer Shahram Kashani, 47

355 Guadeloupe band founder Jacob Desvarieux, 65

356 Cleveland musician David Hall Smeltz, 66

357 South African producer Shona Ferguson, 47

Previous list here.


  • TruthSeeker says:

    How many of these people received a “vaccine?” I am starting to see younger people who took this shot die around me at an alarming rate from blood-clot and other spike protein related issues tied to this experimental technology. Something is very wrong and people need to wake up.

  • ken says:

    Get your shots, folks !

  • Rob says:

    Lots slobbering and slavering for booster jabs now, I’ll bet they’ll work too – for the government ministers who have shares in them.

  • TruthSeeker seems to be a troll.

    Let’s not feed the trolls, folks!

  • I wonder how much they pay people like “TruthSeeker” to spread all of this misinformation?

    The Financial Times, among other sources, has debunked it here (they are Russian trolls):

  • Petros LInardos says:

    Does Covid trollling violate Slipped Disc policies? I would hope so.

    • So do I.

      Norman, have you read this yet?

      Don’t you think it is time you did more to keep these trolls off your site?

      • Hayne says:

        An article by Reuters…sigh.
        Do you believe in the right to free speech or not?
        Norman does more than a lot of media and big tech.

        • NBC, I think — why do you say it is by Reuters?

          As to your other question, I personally do not believe that spreading this kind of false information falls under the protection of free speech when it contributes to vaccination hesitancy. After all, not being vaccinated can directly harm other people’s health — you could catch Covid more easily and spread it around (or are you in denial about that, too?)

          Now if you were spreading the opinion that the Earth were flat, or that the moon landing in 1969 was faked, that wouldn’t necessarily harm anyone, would it?

          • Hayne says:

            It’s by Reuters because it’s right there under the NBC header.
            Free speech means tolerating other forms of speech even when it is wrong. That ‘s what free speech is. There are infinite reasons people come up with to censor others. You want to ban people you disagree with. How noble.
            The tolerant left. What an oxymoron.

          • “Free speech means tolerating other forms of speech even when it is wrong.”

            No, not if you have an agenda to hurt people or spread fear, uncertainty, and denial to the same aim (or just to satisfy some perverted sense of “fun”).

            “You want to ban people you disagree with.”

            No, only those people who knowingly spread provable falsehoods with the above agenda.

            “The tolerant left. What an oxymoron.”

            Seems like you have just revealed your true agenda?

          • “It’s by Reuters because it’s right there under the NBC header.”

            Oh … so why do you single out Reuters/Pfizer when there are at least a half dozen other vaccines out there also saving people’s lives?