Social and personal: Conductor weds baritone

Social and personal: Conductor weds baritone


norman lebrecht

August 13, 2021

The wedding was solemnised in Salzburg today between the French conductor Audrey Saint-Gil and the British baritone Christopher Maltman.

We wish them lasting happiness.



  • justin says:

    “conductor weds baritone” reminds me of a riddle from my youth:

    a father and son are in a car crash that kills the dad. The son is rushed to the hospital; just as he’s about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, “I can’t operate—that boy is my son!” How’s that possible?

    Just sayin’, it was a real riddle in my days, the times they are a-changin’

    • Anonymaus says:

      20 years ago, the sheer permutations would have been inconceivable:

      Conductor + Baritone =

      1) Female + Male
      2) Female + Transmale
      3) Female + Preop, prehormone transfemale

      4) Male + Male
      5) Male + Transmale
      6) Male + Preop, prehormone Atransfemale

      7) Transfemale + Male
      8) Transfemale + Transmale
      9) Transfemale + Preop, prehormone transfemale

      10) Transmale + Male
      11) Transmale + Transmale
      12) Transmale + Preop, prehormone transfemale

      13) Preop, prehormone transfemale + Male
      14) Preop, prehormone transfemale + Transmale
      15) Preop, prehormone transfemale + Preop, prehormone transfemale

  • Still think female conductors should be called ‘conductresses’. 🙂