Lise Davidsen, filmed in her element

Lise Davidsen, filmed in her element


norman lebrecht

August 27, 2021

Norwegian Opera have produced a documentary with the country’s hottest opera singer since Flagstad.

The film will be shown from September 26 in the opera house and then go on release.

Here’s a trailer, exclusively for you.

Watch here.




  • PB says:

    Shouldn’t this opera singer have a real (and longer) career, before actually making a documentary on her?

    • Ken says:

      It’s not a documentary. It’s a short film. Lise performs works of Strauss with the full opera orchestra of the house, conducted by Ed Gardner. The film features wicked camerashots around the Oslo Opera House, and also Lise’s thoughts on the various characters she performs. More info:

    • D says:

      The documentary is merely a promotional tool intended to help ensure that her career will continue its impressive trajectory. It’s not like it’s a Lifetime Achievement Award.

      And anyway, the real point is primarily to raise the international profile of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

    • BRUCEB says:

      Possibly, but it’s pretty standard practice. I remember seeing documentaries on the young Frederica von Stade and Cecilia Bartoli when they were rising stars, for example. (Also Isobel Buchanan, who as I recall sang beautifully in the video excerpts of productions she was in, but I never heard of her again. This was about when Kiri was changing from “good singer/ solid career” status to “super megastar,” so it was possible to position oneself as next in line for that treatment (or for one’s agent to do so). I’m sure there are lots of other documentaries about rising stars who did or did not go on to make it big; or maybe who made it big and then flamed out. I’d be interested to see one on Elena Suliotis, for example.)

  • Kay Warbrick says:

    Tantalisingthough I could only get a few seconds of the recording. What a voice! I look forward to seeing the whole thing.