Latest Covid death toll includes talented musician, 29

Latest Covid death toll includes talented musician, 29


norman lebrecht

August 23, 2021

The latest count of musicians who have died of Covid includes a Michigan performer, the youngest recorded so far.

358 Broadway singer Alvin Ing, 89

359 Chicago house music icon Paul Johnson, 50

360 Austrian Heldentenor Peter Svensson, 57

361 Arkansas banjo legend Mark Jones, 65

362 Bay Area rapper Steve “Zumbi” Gaines, 49

363 Hip-hop producer Chucky Thompson, 53

364 Egyptian composer Mohamed Saad, 53

365 Dundee drummer Bob Carson, 72

366 Anti-vax Tennessee singer Phil Valentine, 61

367 Dallas musician Anthony Bellante

368 Gospel musician Paula Gilcrease, 75

369 Malaysian singer Joyce Leelyn, 46

370 Grand Rapid musician Christopher ‘Sterpher’ Griffin, 29

Previous Covid toll here.

May they rest in peace.




  • TruthSeeker says:

    “Chinese media reported that Leelyn had received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on July 27.”
    I’m guessing that this is the case with many of these people. A few others that I investigated seem to have died “with” Covid. Dr. Luc Montagnier, recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of HIV, is warning that the vaccine will create deadlier strains of this bioweapon (lab modified virus). Predominantly vaccinated people are now in the hospitals. It’s time to stop trusting the narrative, folks. They are taking us over a cliff.

  • A concerned party says:

    Once again, “TruthSeeker” (definitely a troll, probably in the pay of Russian or Chinese fake-news spreaders) is the first to respond to a Covid-related post on SD, spreading his or her customary FUD (check out the previous article here.)

    I think I am beginning to see a pattern here … wonder when “Hayne” and the rest of the gang will make their anti-vax appearance here?

    (Norman, do you perhaps receive any kickbacks from these guys? — Might be a lucrative proposition, who knows?)

    • norman lebrecht says:

      You seem to be spreading more untruths and innuendo than those you accuse of it. Please make this your last comment on this site.

      • Bone says:

        Pretty sure he was kidding about the kickbacks, NL.
        But when you continuously post covid articles under the guise of classical music news (nice pick of a very overweight rapper, btw – no virtue signaling here, folks!) you have to expect healthy debate and more than a little sarcasm / humor.
        Or maybe not. As you frequently (and more than occasionally aggressively) point out, this is your site and you are free to post whatever you want: covid updates, yuja Wang pics, HvK criticism…it’s all up to you. Offended peoples can find their titillation about various classical music topics elsewhere if they don’t like it, right?

    • BRUCEB says:

      Now, be nice. If you’re trying to keep the place running, you have to post stuff that gets clicks. The site was started with music-lovers in mind, but (as ever) we don’t supply enough clicks to keep the lights on. You need controversy, and not just controversy about who is the better Tosca.

      Of course posts about COVID, #MeToo, or T&A get a lot more clicks than anything that’s only about music. And if you can attach a controversial statement about COVID or #MeToo to a famous musician, which fortunately is easy enough to find (thanks Netrebs!), or just a picture of a famous musician showing some skin (thanks Yuja!), then you’re all set.