Just in: Austrian tenor, 57, dies of Covid-19

Just in: Austrian tenor, 57, dies of Covid-19


norman lebrecht

August 13, 2021

The Wagnerian Heldentenor and festival organiser Peter Svensson has been found dead at home of the effects of Coronavirus.

Recruited at Vienna State Opera by Claudio Abbado in 1989, Svensson went on to sing at Prague State Opera until 2007. He also appeared internationally with a range of famous conductors.

In recent years he was artistic director of the Weinviertel Festival, which he co-founded. The festival describes him as irreplaceable.

He was discovered by his father on July 29.



  • John Borstlap says:

    Terrible story. Poor man.
    A warning for all those people who underestimate the virus.

    • michael says:

      or the vaccine which killed my wonderful neighbor and is currently eating away two very healthy friends.

      • Paul says:

        it is completely inappropriate to try to change the conversation here to vaccine conspiracy theories. There is no mention in any reports (nor in social media posts of his nor his family) that he was vaccinated or had any strong opinions about the vaccine. I would even go so far as to say that the administrators here should remove all such inflammatory comments, and allow us to mourn the passing of a wonderful friend and colleague.

      • Jeff says:

        “Michael,” how does it feel to be a motherfucking liar?

  • Paul Mauffray says:

    He was a wonderful colleague and I had the pleasure of working with him in Brno and in Gars am Kamp. So sad to have lost such a nice person and great singer.

  • Curvy Honk Glove says:

    So was he vaccinated?

  • Gustavo says:

    Like Mickisch?

  • Gustavo says:

    Really sad.

    He sang in Rudolf Tobias “Des Jonas Sendung” – on the BIS recording and more recently in Berlin.


  • CDC says:

    Remember, get vaccinated with an mrna gene manipulator. You will have up to five more years to live and we can beat this virus, which killed people at a rate of 0.46% last year.

    • michael says:

      Exactly, I know someone the size of a Walrus get covid and live no problem. My neighbor died from vax and I have two friends currently dying. One is from pancreas complications, the other dropped 30 pounds in one month, age 35, totally healthy until the mRNA…He now looks like he has AIDS.

      • Gustavo says:

        “currently dying”

        Can you prove the causal link between the syndrome and the vax?

        You know, a fried could get vaxed and die in a car crash shortly afterwards, and nobody would regard this being a consequences of the pandemic or the associated mitigation measures.

  • michael says:

    There is a one million dollar grant being issued in the USA for any scientist who can prove that these are not vaccine deaths. Since these are deaths by vaccines (like my neighbor and two friends) he will get to keep his million.

  • Nataldana says:

    I do not know him personal but he was leading a festival in Austria called “Wagner Festspiele” which are involved in a lawsuit concerning failure to pay the involved artists. The organization “ArtButFair” is supporting them (the artists) and have launched an appeal to donate money for court costs. The artists accuses the management of giving them only two choices: no money at all or voluntarily wave a part of their salary.