Biz shakeout as 4 major stars quit London agency

Biz shakeout as 4 major stars quit London agency


norman lebrecht

August 27, 2021

The ambitious London-based agency Harrison-Parrott has put out a quiet notice that four of its most cherished stars are leaving, one immediately and the others in the coming weeks.

The message reads:

Today we say goodbye to Barbara Hannigan whom we have been proud to represent. In the next weeks we will also be saying goodbye to Vikingur Olafsson, Alice Sara Ott and Ksenja Sidorova, with whom we have equally been proud to collaborate with as managers.

These are severe blows to Jasper Parrott. The agency has invested hugely in Hannigan, one of its highest profile products, and has prided itself on the vertical ascent of the Icelandic pianist Olafsson.

Artists of this calibre and earning power take years to build and are not easily replaceable.

Where are they going?

See here.



  • corkee says:

    Perhaps Ms Hannigan doesn’t appreciate being referred to as a “product”?

  • Simon says:

    Why would an agency announce departures in the first place? Let the client leave and on the day their new agency announces the signing, announce an even more impressive replacement for the departure.

    • Txakoli says:

      100% agree – it signals a childish move from HP who feels resented for this talent leaving? Suspect these are innovators who felt constrained within an old-school system and want to break their creativity free.

  • Colin says:

    Who is the person in the smaller photo wearing a tie and spectacles? Is there a connection with the article above it?

  • Freewheeler says:

    What about the chick dressed as a schoolgirl? Is she gonna be OK?

  • christopher storey says:

    Olafsson a ” major star” – don’t make me laugh : the only one of those four that has climbed beyond the first rung of the ladder is Alice Sara Ott