Anna Netrebko’s feeling cold at Salzburg

Anna Netrebko’s feeling cold at Salzburg


norman lebrecht

August 19, 2021

The Russian-Austrian soprano cried off yesterday’s general rehearsal for Tosca in Salzburg, pleading a cold.

She was replaced in the TV run-through by an understudy, Chiara Isotton.

The festival issued a statement saying she is recovering and should be fit for Saturday’s opening, with her husband Eyvazov  as Cavaradossi and Ludovic Tézier as Scarpia.




  • justin says:

    is this her first Tosca? everyone will be listening to see if covid had an effect on her voice

  • Peter Brown says:

    Better without her, really… Screaming everything she should be singing since a few years now… to be honest, I am astonished to see Salzburg and other (too many) opera houses NEVER realizing how “ill” (wobbly, bad positioned, thickened) her voice sounds. She sounds like Tosca’s grandmama.
    And then even more so to accept the third rate husband just for her sake – ludicrous!

    • wayne says:

      maybe she is trying to lower her standards so much that to equal the low level of her husband’s singing. it seems to be working! in the recent broadcast of tosca, i rather hear him singing than her…

  • Couperin says:

    Is she on round #2 of Covid? Now she can say it’s REALLY a real hoax.

  • Anne Aldridge says:

    Toi toi and hope you feel better for then!

  • Nijinsky says:

    Oh Gosh, maybe if they turn the heat up in Salzburg, she’ll sing Don Giovanni. She’s into such rolls, I thought, comes with the meal.