The toll keeps rising for musicians with Covid

The toll keeps rising for musicians with Covid


norman lebrecht

July 07, 2021

In the past couple of weeks, more musicians have died than in the whole of the previous month.

329 Hamburg exotic dancer Barbara Ossenkopp, 78

330 Iconic Bolivian singer Luisa Molina, 65

331 Trinidad singer Jamie Heeralal, 42

332 South African music powerhouse Thulani Wiseman Malinga

333 Dallas musician Darren Eubank

334 Indian singer Tapu Mishra

335 Indian lyricist Poovachal Khadar, 73

336 Indonesian reggae star Tepeng, 46

337 New York music journalist Jim Bessman, 68

338 Thai singer Prakaifa Pooldoung, Covid-related fall

339 Namibian jazz musician Raymond Pande

340 Libyan children’s singer Jaber Othman, 61

341 Bengali lyricist Fazl-e-Khuda, 81

342 US Rockabilly singer Sanford Clark, 85

343 Mexican vocalist José Manuel Zamacona

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  • V.Lind says:

    Tell that to the clowns who come on here and prate about how it’s all politics, not science.

    RIP another gallery of people — and all the others, known and unknown — who have fallen to this curse. And here and now — yes, I know people die of other causes too, equally to be mourned — there are people trying to at least mitigate the effects of a condition that nobody fully understands yet. That’s not politics, it’s humanity.

    And those who ignore safeguards that seem to have begun to reduce the devastating consequences of the virus, from vaccinations to masks to social distancing to self-isolation, are putting not just their lives at risk but mine, if I meet them on the street.

    Britain is about to end lockdown, rather dramatically — I just urge all our British friends on this site to take great care in their new freedom to choose their activities. It would be nice to think that we will not eventually enter a “new normal” but a real normal, where we really can move about freely again as we could so recently. But it might be worth moving to that with caution.

    • John Borstlap says:


    • SVM says:

      I fail to see how England’s end to lockdown (and let us be clear, we are talking about England, not “Britain”) is “dramatic” — since March 2021, the extent of restrictions reduced in multiple distinct phases, and compliance with said restrictions has been reducing gradually. Quite simply, we are fed up of lockdowns, and most of us want our liberties restored in full without further delay. In public health, there is no such thing as “zero harm” or “zero risk”, so the real question is how to define “acceptable risk”. And many activities are fundamentally legal despite being known to cause substantial harm to public health (e.g.: driving; drinking alcohol; smoking tobacco).

      What you call “safeguards” are, in most respects, unproven and sometimes potentially harmful (most masks are a breeding ground for bacteria and increase concentrations of carbon dioxide close to the mouth and nose… it is therefore generally a very bad idea to wear masks when outdoors in the street, where the probability of viral transmission is infinitesimal). I, and many other people, were willing to go along with such “safeguards” **at first**, on the basis that there seemed to be a serious crisis afoot, a situation which implied a duty to follow measures that had a reasonable prospect of making a positive difference, on the understanding that such measures were strictly temporary. But it has been over a year, and there is still not enough evidence that these “safeguards” are beneficial, and some evidence that some of these “safeguards” may cause more harm than good. Lockdowns have been a scourge on the nation’s physical and mental health far worse than COVID-19, although it will take many years before the full extent of the harm caused by lockdowns becomes clear.

      Most of these “safeguards” are unsustainable, and must be scrapped. I prefer to focus on straightforward permanent precautions that are practicable, proportionate, and proven: these include washing hands regularly, respecting other people’s personal space, ensuring good ventilation in enclosed spaces, stifling coughs, and keeping fit.

      • Saxon says:

        …and eating lots of fruit and vegetables (not eating your “five a day” makes you six times more likely to die from Covid).

        Surprisingly, it actually makes more difference to most people than taking the vaccine!

      • Maria says:

        Funny how we are being told what to do by those armchair experts who do not live in England or know the culture, or live in any other part of the UK. If you don’t want to go out, fine. There is a choice, and there has to some benefit for having been double vaccinated. Otherwise tell me why I had to bother?

    • Le Křenek du jour says:


    • mike says:

      yo, my neighbor died from the vaccine. but yeah, that is not a culprit at all.

      • Paul Sekhri says:

        Yo, no vaccine is 100% effective. But no need to look at the millions of lives that have been saved; instead why don’t you just continue to focus on spreading false information?

    • Petros LInardos says:

      Here in the US we are increasingly divided between the vaccinated and vaccine hesitant. At this point more than 90% of new cases are among unvaccinated. The vast majority of the latter by now must have been unvaccinated by choice. Sadly, the division mirrors politics: the states with the lower vaccination rates voted for Trump. Trump was vaccinated without publicity. Had he been vaccinated with fanfare, he might have disappointed his cult following, but maybe more of them would have followed his lead. And more lives would have been saved. Unconscionable.

      • Karl says:

        US VP Harris said about the vaccine ” if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it. I’m not taking it.” So why isn’t this her fault? Politico reports :” Less than a quarter of Black Americans have received their first Covid-19 shot.”

      • Maria says:

        Suggest you concentrate on the US and leave us in the UK to decide.

    • Jack_Ewing says:

      Another attempt at trauma based mind control: inflict fear, hopelessness, despair. Lockdowns, masks and vaccines have been proven not to work. Sweden never shut down, death tolls never reached anywhere near the level of Britain and Italy. People still think that covid-19 was a “natural occurrence”. What we learned from Fauci’s e-mails: 1- Covid came from a lab; 2- There’s no asymptomatic spread; 3- Face masks do not work; 4- No lockdowns were necessary; 5- Covid death numbers were greatly exaggerated to increase fear and isolation; 6- Fauci lied to Congress several times under oath; 7- the main purpose of the global scam was to make you take the untested, experimental poison disguised as “vaccine”, which will weaken your immune system, change your DNA structure and trigger multiple organ failure in 6 to 24 months. Pre-meditated genocide. And yes, crisis actor Donald Trump was in on it. I’ll repeat, it’s hilarious how Trump hating liberals were the first ones to line up for Trump’s jab “Get your vaccine, it’s a fantastic vaccine.” ~ Donald J Trump

      • Saxon says:

        Jack writes: “Lockdowns, masks and vaccines have been proven not to work.”

        Huh? The lockdown is very effective at stopping the spread of Covid but also have a dramatic negative effect on the quality of our lives. The question is whether the costs to society are worth extending the lockdown; we certainly can not extend if indefinitely. The vaccine is also effective, and anyone who is high risk would be mad not to take it. Masks have a rather minor effect.

    • Hayne says:

      “The fear is with you, young Skywalker.”

      Fear is the easiest way for governments to take away peoples’ civil liberties. Been that way for thousands of years and it’s not about to change anytime soon.

    • Saxon says:

      Lind writes: “those who ignore safeguards …[such as] social distancing to self-isolation, are putting [my life] at risk, if I meet them on the street.

      Err…if you meet them on the street then YOU are not social distancing. If you are terrified then stay at home and avoid other people.

    • Maria says:

      So when do you suggest? Do you live here? If so, you will know we have a big suicide and mental health problem as a result of this pandemic and other terminal illnesses that has to be addressed.

  • Jack_Ewing says:

    So more musicians have been dying since vaccination started? People are too blind to see the connection. These dead musicians were all vaccinated, they didn’t die from “covid”, they died from the experimental, untested injections. There has been an increase in blood clots, heart inflammation, organ failures, etc all over this nation. The CDC lists 5,718 deaths in the US so far, but keep in mind that only 1 to 10% gets reported. So sure go ahead and get in line to get a mystery liquid injected into your veins when Pfizer and Moderna themselves have issued a heart inflammation warning. That’s precisely why they invented the “delta variant plus”. “lambda”, etc. so they can shift the blame of all these vaccine deaths someplace else. Artists are supposed to be rebellious, enlightened and critical thinkers but were the first ones to buy the ridiculous official narrative since this global scam started, hook, line and sinker. The funniest part: never trumpers were the first ones to get the shot! LOL! Trump was the greatest force behind Operation Warp Speed, did you know? “The Vaccine and the Vaccine rollout are getting the best of reviews, moving along really well. Get those ‘shots’ everyone!” – Donald J. Trump, 12/17/2020 LOLOLOL!

    • David says:

      Congratulations. Your post might qualify as the most idiotic, irresponsible and downright insane in the history of Slipped Disc. Sure, you have plenty of competition, but you rose to the occasion and went the extra mile. Somehow, you pulled yourself away from the nonstop right wing ‘news’ to come to a music site, but the cult is strong with you. Your total lack of compassion for humans, many who were from Africa and had no access to vaccines, fits your agenda perfectly.

    • Hayne says:

      Trump’s worst failing is getting bad advice from people around him that he picked. Agreed. However, you do understand that both parties are completely involved with this scientific atrocity.
      The NIH is co–owner of the Moderna vaccine, BTW.
      No conflict of interest here!

    • Petros LInardos says:

      Can you please back up your following claims:
      – “There has been an increase in blood clots, heart inflammation, organ failures, etc all over this nation.”
      – “The CDC lists 5,718 deaths in the US so far, but keep in mind that only 1 to 10% gets reported.” What is the correlation between those deaths and the vaccine? If I had a heart attack after writing this blogpost, will typing be the culprit? Where is the evidence that “only 1 to 10% gets reported”
      – How were the “delta variant plus”. “lambda”, etc invented? Where is the evidence?

    • Bill says:

      How do you know they were all vaccinated? Did you get that information from the tin foil hat receptor on your head? Also, try studying statistics.

      • Sharon says:

        It is likely that the artists listed, most of whom came from lesser developed countries were vaccinated. I have read (granted, the source may not be great) that there may not be largely vaccinated populations in lesser developed countries until the end of 2023, if then because the western countries are making sure that they are vaccinated first.

  • Don Ciccio says:

    Seufzer, Tränen, Kummer, Not,
    Ängstlichs Sehnen, Furcht und Tod
    Nagen mein beklemmtes Herz,
    Ich empfinde Jammer, Schmerz.

    Bäche von gesalznen Zähren,
    Fluten rauschen stets einher.
    Sturm und Wellen mich versehren,
    Und dies trübsalsvolle Meer
    Will mir Geist und Leben schwächen,
    Mast und Anker wollen brechen,
    Hier versink ich in den Grund,
    Dort seh ins der Hölle Schlund.

    Was betrübst du dich, meine Seele, und bist so unruhig in mir? Harre auf Gott; denn ich werde ihm noch danken, daß er meines Angesichtes Hilfe und mein Gott ist.

  • John says:

    This numbered list is very poor taste.

  • Maria says:

    All very, very sad as most come from countries – apart from Graham Vick who I believe died of severe Covid complications rather than straightforward Covid,
    – that don’t have a vaccination programme as sound and as extensive as the UKs, or some parts of the EU. Not talking here about those for genuine medical reasons who can’t – that’s different. But the anti-vaxers in the UK and Ireland who think they don’t need or are not willing to be vaccinated and think they can walk on water like Jesus. They need to think again and for the greater good, not just about their own human rights – etc, etc, etc.