The latest set of Yuja shorts?

The latest set of Yuja shorts?


norman lebrecht

July 15, 2021

You know you can’t resist.

Full disclosure here.


  • Andy says:

    I’m not really sure why these pictures are posted here? On her social media, or her friend’s social media maybe, but what are they here for?

  • Tiredofitall says:

    You can’t deny she’s cute and can rock a pair of short shorts. Credit where credit is due.

    • Gross says:

      I can deny it. She looks like an uncomfortable pre-pubescent boy. The only credit due is to acknowledge that there are a lot of lascivious people who fetishize this kind of thing.

  • Stuart says:

    I think it is the moderator who cannot resist (to cheapen the site…)

  • Karl says:

    Facebook ad. Sorry bud, you won’t get me to log into Facebook even for Yuja pics.

    • Brettermeier says:

      “Facebook ad. Sorry bud, you won’t get me to log into Facebook even for Yuja pics.”

      You don’t have to log in to anything to access the images. A fun fact you could have known if you’d just clicked on the link. (And no, I don’t even have a FB account.)

      Sorry, bud, but maybe you should just check stuff BEFORE writing things? That way you might actually know what you’re talking about for a change. No? Ah well.

  • V.Lind says:

    No, we know YOU can’t resist.

  • Robert Roy says:


    • Don Ciccio says:

      Great pianist? Then what are Martha Argerich and Maria João Pires?

      Heck, I would rather listen to Gabriela Montero, Anne-Marie McDermott or the grossly underrated Ann Schein – though she may have retired.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Arguably Argerich and Pires are two of the greatest living pianists.

        Thank you for mentioning Anne-Marie McDermott and Ann Schein. I’ll explore their recordings.

        As for Yuja Wang, we are all entitled to our opinions. Personally I look forward to hearing an older and more mature Wang. At present I have little doubt that among her generation’s best known pianists, she is one of the most talented.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Incredible talent. I don’t need the shorts or the revealing dresses, just for her to play the piano. But sadly a feature of that generation is the desperate need to over-share with everybody via Facebook.

      • Saxon says:

        Er…it was ever thus. And you should know that people are different, some want to “overshare” and others don’t.

  • EPBiggs says:

    I can resist.

  • Michael Morse says:

    Come on, man, you can do your bit to recognize woman artists for their art and not their goddamn wardrobe. stop running stories like this! Leave it to News of the World .

  • leave says:

    Leave her alone, your interest in her is creepy. It’s no business of yours what she wears, especially off the concert platform.

  • caranome says:

    NL is yet another middle-age/old white man lusting/fantasizing after young Asian women.

    • Cynical Bystander says:

      Of course ‘other’ middle aged men, old or young, do not objectify young women? There is something to criticise here but not necessarily through the lens of CRT.

      • BRUCEB says:

        @Cynical – the words “yet another” indicate that caranome realizes that NL’s case is far from unique.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      If you think so (and it’s very doubtful) and that she’s looking for any men to ‘lust’ after her I think you are missing clues about Yuja Wang.

  • Magic john says:

    I know Yuja personally and she thinks Norman posting about her shorts is creepy and weird.

    • Bone says:

      (wears tight shorts and crop top)
      “What are you looking at?”
      I definitely respect her piano skills, but failing to acknowledge her physical attractiveness would be nonsense. She obviously enjoys the attention from some folks; ridiculous of her to expect to control which folks are titillated by her outfits.
      Keep posting these items, NL, and let the gals know we appreciate their efforts to attract attention.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Absolutely priceless, coming from an exhibitionist!!!

  • Tchyko says:

    Who cares?
    Most of us are baking in a heat dome. Gotta to stay cool somehow.

  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    This is getting odd now. Same for the Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla obsession.

  • Bernard says:

    Shorts or no shorts, she is a stupendous pianist, one of the finest of the younger generation.

    • Not at all says:

      Whether that’s really true, which is not by any means universally agreed, it is certainly true that she’s a kind of exhibitionist and has no problem being seen as unserious. Doesn’t help anyone’s reception of her playing.

      • Saxon says:

        Her piano playing is also very talented, and a bit “exhibitionist”, which is not to everyones tastes.

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    I can’t resist. Thank you Norman.

    She is what our staid industry needs. Great musician, vibrant personality, star charisma, and easy on the eyes.

    We need more Yujas.

    And yes, in case you didn’t know, sex appeal sells. The pop world always knew that. Why is it so bad in our world of Classical music.

    And remember. Ladies fainted and swooned when Liszt performed recitals.

    But that’s music history.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      The problem is that a present day Lisa della Casa would make it big too early, possibly at the expense of her artistic development, and a present day Cherkassky would have little chance of success.

  • AA81 says:

    Your obsession with Yuja has crossed into creepy and inappropriate a long time ago. You are acting like a disgusting, creepy and lecherous old pervert. Stop it.

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    We can listen to her preformance of Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2 with the LSO & Michael Tilson Thomas in London recently.

  • Patrick says:

    Just another Page 3 girl photo from a British site.

  • Wurm says:

    Have to admit, Yuja rocks them – more than Mirga ever could, sorry Norman.

  • justsaying says:

    Am I the only one who finds her a bit overrated? How is she any different from any other attractive female pianist who decides to dress for warm weather?

  • Claude says:

    You’re a bad person Norman. You and your sad gang are not of any value, have never been and no one will remember you

  • Gus says:

    Presumably you go looking for these on a regular basis. Are there not days when you realise how much of a sad creep you are?

  • john says:

    I can tell you this: You’ll never see pics like that of Hilary Hahn. darn…
    Rock on Norman, because it’s your website and you can!!

  • Yuja short scandal says:

    This obsession is getting a bit weird

  • Player says:

    I fancy Yuja would prefer not be lusted after by old men, if she thinks about it (only ones she might herself fancy, but that is human nature)… BUT she also knows that she looks more than ok and that she needs to provide Instagram style life pics and a social media presence. Next?