Teenaged violinist is found buried in a Baltimore wall

Teenaged violinist is found buried in a Baltimore wall


norman lebrecht

July 13, 2021

A fundraiser has been opened for the family of Dasan Jones whose body was found in the wall of the house of his policeman stepfather. The cop has been arrested.

Dasan, 15, is described as ‘a magnet student at Glen Burnie High School and an accomplished violin player, was “always so nice to everybody.”

The GoFundMe is being run by his schoolmate Kayla Wright: ‘He had such a good soul and it is such a tragedy that he had to leave us so soon and so young. I created this to help his family and his mother through this hard time. This is for his funeral expenses and extra cash for his family. I have used the platform I have to bring awareness to this tragedy and hope to raise the money to help as much as I and we can, thank you. Justice will be served and you will finally be in peace.’



  • Alank says:

    Of course the charlatans and race baiters of BLM and their allies in the media and the “academy” could not care less about the murder of this talented teenager because it does not enhance their drive for unmitigated power and control of the polity and economy. Another lost soul to the ravages of America’s urban pathology that cannot be discussed in polite company

    • AnnaT says:

      He was murdered by a cop. What are you ranting about?

    • Itsjtime says:

      To AlanK-
      I am gonna have to call asshole on this one….you sir are an asshole.

      • PaulD says:

        AlanK said nothing that isn’t true. Last weekend, a musician, a rap singer by the name of KTS Dre, was shot over 60 times near the Cook County (Chicago) jail. KTS stands for “Kill To Survive”. He was not killed by police, by the way.

        I’m waiting for the marches to begin.

      • Alan K says:

        Thank you for your kind comment. It is a joy to know that there are readers of this blog who have the intellectual capital and writing skills that help raise the level of discourse to such a high level.

        The fact is that the urban pathologies that prevail in many of the Cities of not just in America, but in Europe as well, are responsible for far more deaths than police brutality. The racial baiting of BLM and their cohorts only make matters worse

      • Karl says:

        What if AlanK is black? Then calling him an AH is racist! Are you assuming he’s white?

    • BRUCEB says:

      Snowflakes like Alan just can’t help seeing every single thing that happens in the world as an attack on them and their beliefs.

      As an example of this phenomenon: a friend of mine posted on Facebook the winter before last the first time it snowed: “Snow! Also known as global warming, lol.” All her conservative friends jumped on with the LOLs and making fun of liberals & climate change. They seemed to be pretty excited about it (no comments about the snow).

      So, a teenager gets killed by his stepfather and it’s an attack on Alan’s feelings. Life is hard, you guys. https://media3.giphy.com/media/WTcj5b17IZ8xbdCMBs/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e475ll75jmwjqztagm1ccbvi4qurenptx17c2k93nl7&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g

      • BRUCEB says:

        Amendment: the link doesn’t actually lead to an animated picture. This should.


      • Alan K says:

        Snowflake. I have been called many names but that is the most ludicrous. I have not seeking a safe room from your insults and accusations. Dont get me started on global warming. The policy prescriptions put forth by progressives have nothing to do with climate change but with control of the economy. The birdbrain running America cancelled pipelines and oil exploration but then exhorted OPEC to increase output to lower gas prices. The genius of a progressive mind

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      This is a simply dreadful crime. I hope the perpetrator goes down for a very long time, but hold little hope of such in the modern, er, justice system.

      But Alank’s comments about the race baiters of BLM is right on the money; the neo-racist and neo-segregationist society. What in the world could go wrong??

      It wasn’t very appropriate with this item, that’s all.

    • Too many anonymous trolls permitted on SD

    • Confusion says:

      This one wasn’t even about race; you brought that up first. Seems to be a domestic murder.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      Of course a Nazi-like KKK advocate and white supremacist pig such as yourself could not resist the chance to shriek about “subhuman urban pathological blacks” being “the sole cause of their misfortune”, genetically deficient as you believe them to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glen Burnie is a suburb of 67,000 inhabitants. It’s not clear why you would call it urban other than the fact that even racists are wary of talking about “black” pathology these days. They are at least careful enough to substitute references to inner cities or urban areas.

      Slippedisc has reported on crimes, including murder, perpetrated by white people against white people. Those reports never trigger this kind of weird meditation on the pathologies of white people; the pathologies of urban, rural, or suburban communities; or the legitimacy of the push for civil rights. The fact that this article about a purely domestic incident triggers any comment on the civil rights movements confirms how pervasive and weird some people’s obsession with race remains and how important the civil rights movement remains.

    • Trish says:

      We in polite company also cannot discuss your idiocy! Give us intelligent people who are interested in furthering peace and eliminating injustice, a break and cleanse yourself of racism and foolishness!

    • CRWang says:

      Alank is a sociopath. Instead of offering a simple condolence for this young musician, he goes on a rant about BLM and dog whistles “urban pathology.” We all know what that is don’t we? Racist asshole.

  • V.Lind says:

    He was not exactly BURIED in a wall –it had a space in it and some sort of cover was over it. The cop, who certainly looks guilty, said it was where he kept his guns.

    This is a dreadful story, however it turns out.

  • This is so heart-breaking. This case is even more twisted than the “usual” child custody murder.

    First off, the vic was grown. He looked like a college kid, may he rest in peace. Second, he was a step-kid.

    His alleged killer, if guilty, clearly didn’t love him, but just sought to cause his ex pain.

    And the kid devoted himself to making beautiful sounds.

    If the stepfather is the perp, he acted knowing that in Maryland, justice would never be meted out to him.

  • Kristi says:

    My heart aches for the ones who loved this child ! All the rest can rot in hell!

  • m. simmons says:

    It’s waaay past time for police reform. This so-called guardian of truth, justice and safety should not serve on the force in any capacity. do they not do psychological assessments and evaluations before during and after graduation from the police academy??? dude claimed to keep his gun hidden in a hole in the wall covered by a sheet only to find his dead stepson stuffed in the wall like insulation! may he fester on death row as he awaits his accommodations in hell to be made ready for his arrival. having the audacity to bring up ethnicity and “pathology” under the circumstances under which this mother’s child’s life was extinguished is inappropriate and unconscionable.