Breasting the barriers: Tomorrow’s Opera of the Week

Breasting the barriers: Tomorrow’s Opera of the Week


norman lebrecht

July 01, 2021

Our new free streamed opera of the week from Operavision will be Giordano’s  Andrea Chénier, live from Budapest on Friday 18:00 UK time, and 13.00 New York.

In Hungarian State Opera’s naturalist period production conducted by Balázs Kocsár, the young Italian director Fabio Ceresa reimagines the atmosphere of Paris before and during the Revolution.  In this trailer Fabio Ceresa talks of how he was influenced by Federico Fellini, and the singers explain how offstage relationships affect their performance.

 Andrea Chénier, takes place in the bloody shadow of the French Revolution’s reign of terror, a poet and a revolutionary vie for the affections of a noblewoman. Can the guillotine be stopped as their friendship turns to rivalry?



  • ricci says:

    For chenier you need a Del Monaco, a Corelli BUT from the little I heard from the tenor he sounds quite okay which is already something nowadays, a gorgeous wonderful opera but you need gorgeous wonderul singers. Anyway I’ll give it a try

    • Edgar Self says:

      Or Gigli. I agree with Ricci’s comments and posted about it elsewhere on the complete opera posted by Norman, for which many thanks.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The lady in the painting had fought all her life for the right of women to burn their bra. The artist (Eugène Delacroix) was much in favor of the idea, as most men were at the time (1848).