A copy cello receives an impromptu debut

A copy cello receives an impromptu debut


norman lebrecht

July 21, 2021

The Times columnist Matthew Parris was at a festival concert in Buxton where Natalie Clein played her 1777 Guadagnini.

Then, mysteriously, she left for the wings and came back with another cello looking very like the Guadagnini, and explained. An acclaimed Welsh luthier, Clive Morris, has made it in her honour: a replica of her Guadagnini. He had just given it to her and was in the auditorium. This cello had never seen an audience and now she would play it for us…

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  • microview says:

    If you really care what MP thinks, you’ll have to subscribe to “read on”.

    • Rik says:

      A little unfair to sneer. I hadn’t known of this and he did say what a wonderful and moving experience it was.