Ruth Leon recommends…Crystal Pite’s ballet Body & Soul at Jacob’s Pillow

Ruth Leon recommends…Crystal Pite’s ballet Body & Soul at Jacob’s Pillow


norman lebrecht

July 13, 2021

Body and Soul – Paris Opera Ballet – Jacob’s Pillow
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On-Demand July 1-15. $15
Unfortunately, this one can only be accessed in North America – US and Canada – but since I shortchanged you last week with an event that was only accessible in Europe and the UK, I reckon that turnabout is fair exchange, or whatever that idiom is. Award-winning choreographer Crystal Pite ( photo at Jacob’s Pillow) joins forces with the Paris Opera Ballet in Body and Soul, a full length work praised by the New York Times for its inventiveness, brilliance and poetry. The U.S. premiere is presented by Jacob’s Pillow and was filmed at Paris’s Palais Garnier with 36 dancers.
Body and Soul articulates Pite’s ongoing fascination with conflict, connectedness and the embodiment of the human spirit. This massive work is performed in three distinct parts and begins with a voice-over text that describes a scene of conflict between two individuals. As the performance progresses, it creates increasing tension between individuals, groups, and species.  Crystal Pite is a Vancouver-based choreographer whose work has been recognized by the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award and many other honours. Principal influences include William Forsythe, Jiří Kylián and Mats Ek.

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  • V.Lind says:

    If you mean The Deep Blue Sea on National Theatre, you are mistaken — I have complete access to it here in Canada and have been on their mailing list for several years, long before lockdown.

    And the idiom is “turnabout is fair play.” Something I grew up with.